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Soulja Boy vs. Charles Hamilton

By December 9, 2008Misc, Real Life


  • I cannot be mad at Soulja. He is correct. Don`t hate because he had a good promotional scheme that took him to the top. Charles shouldn`t even comment on him. Too many hate on Soulja Boy. I`m not a fan,but you got to give him his props on becoming sucessfull.

  • Once again, Soulja Boy is over the top, hilarious, but correct.
    He was right when that whole Ice T shit was going down and he’s right now. Props to CH though, that’s a good way to get folks who don’t know you to hear your name and see your face.
    I have CH and SB on my iPod because like SB said, his music is club and dance music. He knows his lane and is just trying to stay in it. Why is everybody else so concerned with how he’s destroying hip hop? Is he really?
    SB clowns alot and he’s funny with it like young bols usually are but in between all that jonin’ and laughing he’s telling the truth.

  • Duppie says:

    That Li’l Dude still extra wrong for thanking the slave masters though.

  • FWMJ says:

    Duppie, yeah you right.

  • allthegirlsstandinginthelineforthebathroom says:

    I feel like Soulja Boi didn’t kill hip hop, he’s just someone who had a plan and ran with it not knowing what it will do!! Charles Hamilton on the other hand is what we need in hip hop!!! He’s different, creative, and is really trying to push boundries with his music!! I don’t know about the clubs in the south, but where I’m from Soulja Boi gets no play on the radio or the clubs!! SB music is no different than something you’ll here from D4L or Dem Franchise Boyz, snap music for the clubs!! Do we really need more club music?? Like is there really a recession in the quality of our club music!!??? Soulja Boi is a fad and like all fads no matter how big they may seem now, soon they will fade away!! Don’t believe me, just ask 50!!

  • pikahsso says:

    SB be saying some real stuff no matter how corny people think his music me personally don’t see the big deal in Charles Hamilton either but its good to see those young cats get that money

  • bitty says:

    go eat a mushroom whoo whoo whoop!

  • FWMJ says:

    soulja boy the man

  • VIDEOKINGnotwithstanding(fill in the blank) says:

    calm down frank……………

  • FWMJ says:

    OMG I want dem Souljah Boy shoes! Them shits is hot

  • FWMJ says:

    P.S. love you Souljah Boy

  • E.Classic says:

    hahahaha! im not mad @ soulja one bit.
    do your thang lil homie.

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