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  • hiphopapotamus says:

    the fuck are some of you talking about that the 2nd verse is wack or sloppy? I like the 2nd verse way better

  • Christa Mi Marie says:

    this the songggg [?]

  • SmackaPerpandRiphisshirt says:

    Dude is Straight Plasma Arc…Cuttin thru steel and shit. Talking bout his verses Weak? Shit, That Andy Duframe verse Killed Everything you hear on the Radio with that one Verse ALONE!!!
    ..”Swam down shits creek and came up clean with a new lease on life like Andy Duframe”….Whaat??? ILL!
    Breath of Fresh Air..This kat is the Can of “Fix-a-Flat” for hIp hop if you ask me..and JB Straight Holocosted the world with that Track…. Try this track Blunted…Whoa! whole new world cuzzz.

  • hey says:

    yea, the first verse smacks of Nasir…”you can find the christ where the lepers and the lames at”…profound shit like that is mad Nas.

    “candyman candyman give me a dream,
    blow a chunk of the levy out and spin me a stream,
    knock a man house down and build a casin’,
    a 2000 dollar government check from FEM,”

    his flow isnt great but those lyrics arent shit if theyre not powerful

  • talk about it! says:

    Jay Elec is good…but let’s not get crazy!!!! Nas is Nasty…when he wants to be…and he can be humble as well! But I got a feeling that 2010 Nas is gone to go back to being Nasty Nas…after all this year has been filled with trials and tribulations for him…once he gets everything dealt with he will return to NASTY NAS!!!! Jay Elec is definitely a lyricist!!! Oh…I’m feeling the Nas and Just Blaze snippet as well!!!

  • E Dub says:

    Jay is nasty. Nas is Nasty. As far as them sounding alike…”tell me a rapper that Nas ain’t influnence”. They both spit that “heat that passes polygraphs, that Rev Run rockin’ addidas out on Hollis Ave.” I love this cat Jay. He is a throwback for sure. I was surprised that he reps NO. There are dope rappers from East, West and South. But, there are general styles that come from each place. Sometimes East rappers have West tendencies and visa versa. In this case, Jay has a straight up New York sound. Even his accent sounds like a cat from New York. I love that he is bringin’ the Five Percenter influence back to Hip Hop..that “Clarence 13x rhapsody from Bellvue”. I love that as Hip Hop continues to age we can make historical references to our own shit…”that Ramo on the train track gold rope five finger ring rap”. I got love for cats doin’ it big too – Weezy, Drake, Luda etc. But, this is on that Reasonable Doubt, Illmatic, Brand Nubian level that makes Hip Hop a special poetry to me. Can’t wait for the album to drop.

  • Dow Jones says:

    He spit like Nas, Sound like MF Doom, and come from New Orleans. That’s Dope. This is coming from a nigga from the NO. You ain’t gonna find to many lyrist like that in the South, and if you dude they spit hot shit like this.

    One Love

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