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“Stay With Me (Fever Topspinna Remix)” Blended by DJ Topspin


DJ Topspin & Waajeed
The PPP Remixtape

Remixed & Blended by DJ Topspin aka Blendiana Jones
Beats by Waajeed & J Dilla

1. Intro
2. Act Like U Know (Waajeed x Topspin Remix)
3. You Day Is Done (Waajeed x Topspin Remix)
4. 1 Luv 2 U(Waajeed x Topspin Remix)
5. Shotgun (Waajeed x Topspin Remix)
6. Stay With Me (Waajeed x Topspin Remix)
7. Fever (Waajeed x Topspin Remix)
8. One Minute More (Waajeed x Topspin Remix)
9. Talkin 2 Me (Top’s Dilla Remix)
10. U Gets No Love (Thelonious Fonk Remix)
11. Be Happy (Inhale Remix)
12. Can’t Knock The Hustle (The Reminix)
13. Jusfriends (Dilla Luvlee Remix)
14. You (Pretty Piano Remix)
15. Ooh (Waajeed’s Favourite Remix)
16. Dude (Dilla Dancehall Remix)
17. One Thing (Dilla’s Dukes Remix)
18. Saturday Night (Dilla’s Dukes Remix)
19. Naughty Girl ($$$ Makin’ Remix)
20. Deep Inside
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  • Dee Phunk says:

    January has been a non-stop PPP month for me and I’m not mad whatsoever.

  • Provian says:


  • savv says:

    Blendiana Jones! that’s gravy

  • Sherm says:

    downloading now–
    dope artwork!

  • Von Q says:

    Thanks dude for this download.

    The first time I heard Waajeed (or realised his genious) was when I was playing with my Nokia N95. I heard a joint that i didnt know that had in my phone. It was called Right Here (remix) off the Tasters’ Choice by J. Rocc.

    Man, that stayed into rotation for a long time (made it my ringtone) and started searching this Waajeed fellow. I geek out when I realise that he Executive Produced the classic Vol1 & 2 of Slum Village. That caught me off guard, made me cough hard, that actually Waajeed had a couple of tracks of the Trinity Album by S.V. I remember me and my man Buoga (RIP) felt that the SV sound had changed to a certain extent because Dilla was not producing the beats and this new cat Elzhi. But we loved Trinity like the previous releases and we were happy that they were reaching new audiences beyond hip cats like us because ‘tainted’ was geting a buzz in South Africa, Mthatha, Transkie to be precise.

    Then I realized that Waajeed even had a label (Bling 147) which I confused with I think a pop group Blink 187 and therefore dismissed everything from Bling 147. Damn to my own disadvantage. I decided to order the PPP – Triple P to listen closely to this dude that made an impressive beat. Man, I was blown out of my mind by the Soulful, progressive, Detriot Hump sound I experienced. This album ranks very highly in my alltime great albums, period.

    Few weeks ago i got a down from (Shout Out) for the PPP – Abundance Mixtape. Shit, that impressed me, new rooster of artists that I am not aware, Coultrain, Karma Stewart and these people are mad talented. The remix of Deep Inside feat SaRa just confirmed the genius of Waajeed. For that remix alone I could have paid for the full amount of an album.

    I guess I am saying these things to thankyou for this download even I though I havent listened to it. I know you always bring fire you have no time for wack shit. Also peace out to Saadiq, your genius will manifest itself to the sleeping masses.

  • savv says:

    sounds better with each listen

  • Rap Music says:

    Very cool … nice mixtape

  • E-dub says:

    This is just straight smooth, man hit me @ any new mixtape info.

  • Thanks for the love. ^^^ Yo E-Dub (& everybody else): peep the next edition in the series.


  • DaveNotti says:

    Hell to the yes! Shouts to Topspin for holding down the music on this, all the remixes are crazy thus far and sound very well blended! Huge shouts to Uncle Jeedo for putting his foot in this “Act like you know!” Remix… Too niceee!

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