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Juan Epstein (Cipha Sounds & Peter Rosenberg) Interview Soulja Boy

By October 28, 2008Interviews, Music, Podcasts, Press

This is the greatest shit ever. I am a Soulja Boy fan. Not his music, but this kid is charming in a “I knew an asshole like this in my high school science classes” sort of way, and he just happened to become a millionaire off it.

Juan Epstein Interview Soulja Boy


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  • pea says:

    all jokes aside though this was a great interview. it was respectful to his ignorance (im using the term ignorance meaning “not knowing”, not “dumb”) and he was honest about just not knowing about illmatic and biggie and all that…its all good.

  • I feel the same way…I’m a big fan of his internet promotional & marketing skills with his movement but not so much as far as the music. Gotta respect the game’s changes though…da young boy got husstle. Peep out the post on the bottom of my blog…bet U didn’t know bout this. “Crankin’ dat soulja Boy” can be educational too…lol!!!


  • Mynus says:

    Wow ! Freakin amazing, unbelievable & sad. I just wanted them to be a little more tough on him till dude start malfunctioning.Lol!
    But I understand. He’s a kid, so you gotta take baby steps with it I guess.

  • Shareef says:

    How can you be fan of this guy?? This ignorant cat talking about how is thankful for slavemasters bringing African’s over here, so we can where ice and get tattoos!! That is beyond ignorant and its sad grown ass men placate to this dude and treat him like he is 5 years old. Negroes like you are the reason black youth of today can’t depend on Black men on for guidance and leadership.


  • FWMJ says:

    I-so-love-the-lakers my brother.

    don’t call me a negro, this aint the 1960s.

  • beonica says:

    i just want 2 say that soulja boy is my love and heart of all love you soulja boy.

  • beonica says:

    soulja boy my names beonica and you are my hero/fan

  • lay says:

    my favorite song from soulja boy is kiss me threw the phone, i like it because of his voice BABY I BEEN THAKIN LATLY………………………..

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