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Jay Electronica “Dear Moleskine” produced by Just Blaze Video Teaser

By July 27, 2009Music, Premiere, Preview, Real Life, RIK.TV

Video teaser for some new Jay Electronica, produced by Just Blaze and filmed in Nepal. You might have seen some pics floating around the internets or via Jay’s Twitter Account himself.

*Throws on Stakes Is High*

furthermore from Okayplayer

It has been a minute since anyone has heard from the mysterious Jay Electronica. Just to let you know he’s alive and well, working on new music, and apparently traveling both the globe and time(?), Jay cut some footage from his trip to Asia to a new track of his produced by Just Blaze called “Dear Moleskine.” The footage was shot on location by Jason Goldwatch. Specifically, in this piece, the Pashputinath Hindu Temple and The Bodinath Buddhist Temple in Kathmandu Nepal. It is from a collaborative film/music project between Jay Electronica’s The Dogon Society and DECON. The project currently has no title or street date.


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  • Carl Lee Phys says:

    @ Booty Do 1000. What kind of fucking name is that anyway.

    Why are you and a lot of other people like you these days are quick to throw the word “legendary” around so loosely. What makes these rappers that you mentioned legendary. I don’t see it.

    To me, yeah they’re the more popular names and rappers. And yeah, they had a good amount of hit songs and a few hit albums, but legendary I think not.

    The only rappers who I agree with you as being legendary so to speak is Biggie and Tupac. But that’s it. To be honest with you I didn’t like every song that biggie made, but ‘Ready to Die’ is a classic album to me. As far as Tupac goes, I was an early pac fan, but during the Death Row era I wasn’t so much. But I did like that ‘Makaveli’ album that he made during that time with Death Row.

    By the way, Dr. Dre is not a rapper. He’s primarily a producer. He doesn’t write his own rhymes.
    Also, Snoop Dogg doesn’t write all of his own music neither and the only album i liked from him was his first album Doggystyle. Everything after that was wack to me.

    Really I don’t like any of them rappers you mentioned. I never heard any of Lil Wayne albums, he’s wack ass fuck to me. And Juvenile, I never liked his shit or heard any of shit either. 50 cent and Eminem was all hype and publicity. I really don’t like Kanye West, his first album was okay, but he’s a terrible rapper. Jay- Z was a dope emcee, but he fell off lyrically in my opinion. So did Busta Rhymes who fell off to me too.

    So, the word “legendary” is not a word to be thrown around loosely. I’m a 30 year old Hip Hop Head that knows what he’s talking about. And I know about and listen to alot of other music and not just Hip Hop. I don’t listen to country music though and a few other shit. I can’t stand that country music. And I know you might not agree with everything I said, but it’s my opinion. Which I know you have your own opinions too that I might not agree with. So, to each is own.

  • Carl Lee Phys says:

    Jay Electronica. I been knew he was nice. I can tell he one of them cats who recognizes what he’s doing. And I can tell he knows and comes from that era when MC’s were really MC’s and coming with that shit lyrically. For example, the 80’s and early 90’s

    Dude is definitely nice. I liked that little EP he put out a while back called Style Wars. So, hopefully the industry doesn’t water his shit down.

  • Booty Do 1000 says:

    I understand where you coming from Carl Lee Phys, I’m going to omit 50’s name from this decade. Because his music is becoming overtly commercial, too silly, and unrelatable. You could even say the same about Lil Wayne lately. But there are reasons Kanye and Lil Wayne have achieved legendary status.

    Kanye West: He might have single-handely given birth to this tight pants hipster ordeal(I’m not a fan of), and his beat production is close to flawless. He isn’t the greatest lyricist, but his lyrics do have meaning. He has a shitload of positive hits from Through the Wire to Jesus Walks to Amazing. 808’s & Heartbreak’s as a good album is arguable, but to deny he hasn’t had an impact on hip-hop would be foolish.

    Lil Wayne: From late 2005 – 2008 released over 500 songs via mixtape circuit for FREE!!! And I know 60% were shitty but there was some quality in the quantity. His lyrics can be repetitive, but also semi-genius. For Example, check out his song “Money on my mind” from 2005’s Carter 2. The hook is constantly repeating “Fuck Bitches, Get Money” from a distance it just sounds dirty, but that was kind of an existential motto in New Orleans. I’ll admit Rebirth is probably going to sound awful, but to deny he hasn’t had an impact on hip-hop would be foolish.

    Oh yeah I chose this name to comical about the absurdity of a dance called Booty Do.

  • Hassaan Mackey says:


  • Hassaan Mackey says:


  • Big Cen says:

    Very impressed with this southern prophet, and his ability to pick one of the best tracks Just Blaze has ever puzzled togather. It’s definately got that authentic feeling attached to it that only true Hip Hop possess. Thank u Jay.

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