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Soulja Boy vs. Charles Hamilton

By December 9, 2008Misc, Real Life


  • brewlowlife says:

    quit hatin tha south !!!! (c) pimp c

  • JRameau says:

    Soulja Boy is a complete joke, Look at his Eyebrows, I am sure he murder like 8 people, real gangster.

    Charles Hamilton is a Musician, he is bringing musicianship back to the rap form for the coming generation of Hip Hop listeners.

  • Chris says:

    Just stumbled across this today. I don’t know anything about Charles Hamilton, but I do know that Soulja Boy is a f*cking clown. Just because he duped a bunch of stupid middle school and high school kids into buying his crap, I’m not allowed to say his music sucks? Since when does monetary success mean you’re above criticism? Dude’s gotta make a video retaliating every time someone talks sh!t, and all he can say is “I got money.” Yeah, you got money, but the music you make is a f*cking joke, that’s all we’re saying.

  • inahsense says:

    soulja boy needs 2 give up hip-hop and repeat all 12 years of school…cuz ya boi is dumb as fuck!!!

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