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Bryan ‘be.’ Espiritu of Ideall Clothing/LL

By September 23, 2009Premiere, Preview, Real Life


Other than the homie FWMJ this is another designer I personally know who inspires me a great deal. It’s one thing to admire a fellow designer just for their work, but to know them and be able to pick their brain, ask for advice or just shoot the shit lets you into their world more and allows you to understand their art more.

‘Be.’ is one of the most honest people I know, and if you haven’t read his blog ( before you know he just doesn’t let people he knows into his world but anyone and everyone that enters his blog as well. He let’s it all hang out and it’s very admirable. Dude if you don’t know already, you push/inspire me with each post, with each piece, and you are just a overall good dude. It’s an honor to know you.

IdeallClothing Fall/Winter 2009
“Here is the preview for my Fall/Winter 09 Collection for IdeallClothing. As usual, each design graphically relates to a scenario, influence or social commentary within my life and actually holds great importance to me. Check it out, and your feedback, as always, is appreciated.” – Bryan ‘be.’ Espiritu

click the jump to see the Fall/Winter 09 line

1993 Exoticness:
This is a line that Raekwon says on “Can It Be All So Simple”. I wanted to release the shirt to celebrate his release of “Only Built For Cuban Linx 2?, one of my most anticipated albums of all time.

Go For Dolo:
Solo/Dolo Self/Delf, is an old design based on the idea of going for self and doing what you’ve got to do to make it. A Polo parody or logo flip that I’ve had in the vault since 2006.

Strength Through Unity:
This is a reference from V for Vendetta. These posters were pasted around England by the governing bodies. The main character strikes a V through one of them in his introduction. Ours has an “L.L.” for obvious reasons.

Yonge Guns:
This refers back to Toronto’s Year of the Gun where me and people close to me lost 5 loved ones. The scene is from Jane Creba’s memorial at Yonge & Dundas and the line reads: “When you’re brought into this world They say you’re born in sin”. It is a quote from “Blaze of Glory”, the title track from the film “Young Guns 2?.

This was a design based on our friend Nebby from The Segment, a Boston native who modeled in our 2009 LLadies Lookbook.

This concept came from a photo of Drake when he first started rolling with Weezy. He was wearing a Giants sweater. We all knew that what was happening was bigger than that, so I hit him up and told him I had an idea. Soon after, I released the Gigantic tee.

Bloody Money: In God We Trusted:
This is related to the economic crash and the biggest drop in stock market history (-777). “777? is considered “Gods Number”. The Root of all Evil. The Heart of the Devil. This piece was also displayed in the Artist Exhibit at the first ManifesTO Festival in Toronto.


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