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Kay “Da Da” Video Stills

By November 19, 2008Misc, Premiere, Preview, RIK.TV

Before Kay (The Foundation) & The ARE (K-otix/Trackmasters) formed the duo, Together Brothers, The ARE contributed a few tracks to Kay’s first solo album, The Talk Show, which was slated to drop on Ali Shaheed Muhammad’s Garden Seeker imprint in ’05 along with albums from Chip Fu, Sy Smith & Stokley of Mint Condition. Up until that point, if you weren’t familiar with pre-Foundation Kay Jack, you’d think all he rocked to were smooth & pretty tracks (as Marco Polo likes to describe half the stuff I post up haha).

Even when producers submitting beats for Kay’s album would send him beats, they would send him a bunch of smoothed out, 92 bpm joints and Kay would have to be like “Yo, I want something hard” pause and then they’d send him some heaters. Can’t do a show with just a bunch of smoothed out shit unless you’re Fantastic Volume II era Slum Village, and even still the ended the set with “Raise It Up” then. In the next few days, we’re gonna release a video directed by Wraithe for “Da Da” off The Talk Show produced by The ARE. Here are some video stills.


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