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Scanz:Murder The Underground/Industry Week 1

By October 23, 2008Music

Scanz is putting together weekly series’ of exclusive tracks with both illroots and 2dopeboyz. With illroots, he’s dropping Murder The Underground, where weekly he rocks over an instrumental of a producer he feels is dope. With 2dopeboyz, he’s dropping Murder The Industry, where weekly he flips a top 40/chart-topping instrumental into something you may like.

Music after the jump.

Scanz-Murder The Underground Week 1 (produced by J.Rawls)-[audio: the underground-week1 (J Rawls).mp3]

Download the MP3 HERE

Scanz-Murder The Industry Week 1 (Over Ludacris feat. Chris Brown-What Them Girls Like)-[audio: – Murder the Industry week 1-101308.mp3]

Download the MP3 HERE

Whatup Milosz! Whatup Jerome!


  • Tach says:

    These cats are dope… if you haven’t check out their Rawkus 50 release, Prelude To A Legacy, do yourself a favor and do…

  • ZOlo says:

    hard . no lie

  • bobbiEX says:

    murder the underground track…straight fuckin fire!

  • Al says:

    This series is gunna be fuckin ill.. Scanz is a homicidal maniac right now


    SCANZ is A Super talented cat.

    Young with alot of ambition and aim and the talent to back it up. He has a ear and a feel for the vibe like no other. In my years I have worked with many producers, alot of them are the most prolific and in demand right now. but no one, has ever been able to send me a beat that I went nuts over in the 1st try…..not because the beats werent dope, but because they didnt try to fit my vibe…… I went thru 120 beats before I chose “Better Man” from illmind….

    SCANZ sent me one track, with verses and a chorus already recorded… and it was Exactly the vibe Im on, and was completely different from anything I had heard from him at the time….

    “The Music” – Produced by Scanz
    Vocals: Scanz & Dutchmassive

    off of the Unreleased: MUSIC 2 SLEEP TO

    dropping February 2009

    Keep on eye on Mike, cus kid does his thing!!!!!


  • katlego says:


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