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2Face (Swigga aka L-Swift & A-Butta of Natural Elements) “Champagne & Chandaliers”

By October 24, 2008October 27th, 2008Music, Premiere

YEP! Natural E!

2Face (Swigga aka L-Swift & A-Butta of Natural Elements) “Champagne & Chandaliers” produced by Carlos Bess

And in case you not rememberin’

Natural Elements “Mayday” produced by Charlemagne


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  • Théo says:

    Dammmnnn!!!!!!!!!! Natural Elements is one of my favourite groups of all time and also the most slept on ever! Under the name 2Face A-Butta & L-Swift had already released a single (Hey Hey Hey/NYC) that was crazy! I hope that this means that an album is in the works…

  • Minus says:

    They iight. If everybody in NY didn’t shared the same spit maybe this could stick out.

  • Ian says:

    Yo! I first heard Natural Elements back in ’97 when I happened to cop a DJ Yooter Mix-Tape in Queens. I’m from Canada, so I been tryin’ to look out for these heads since. A-Butta is hype. One Love!

  • chaser says:

    natural fuckin elements is classic!! i luv them dudes. i got all classic material on wax in my crate. 96-99 shit

  • DF says:

    Minus you’re fucking crazy dude. These guys sound like what NY should have never stopped sounding like!!! These guys are classic. It’s been years and they haven’t lost a step.

  • plus says:


  • BoChosen says:

    Natural E. is BY FAR one of the ILLEST groups of ALL TIME, real talk. They’re one of the few that had me fiendin’ for vinyl 12″ because you couldn’t find their joints elsewhere. I still got a bunch of Bobbito & Stretch tapes in the archives with numerous joints as well and I’m not an N.Y. cat. Salute Natural E. and the ear of Charlemagne. WORD!

  • BoChosen says:

    …And furthermore, L-Swift is my favorite in the group with no disrespect to A-Butta & Mr. Voodoo. These cats art the modern day version of the Cold Crush Brothers who paved the way for alot of these fake cats that got shine (not that Witness lame). So if they sound like a number of others out there, you may want to do your hmework first.

  • Full Arsenal says:

    True talk. Natural Elements one my personal favourites. Whatever happened to the girl who featured on the EP way back?

    I hope an album drops.

    EMC incorporate some slept on artists in a group I hope Natural Elements get the acolades and success they deserve.

  • gh0st_mant1s says:

    minus.. natural elements fucking ripped shit like no other click in nyc.. you dunno wtf you saying

    not sure if 2face gonna be the same tight shit but i fucking hope so! i got all the classic natural e shit!

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