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Rest In Peace James Yancey

By February 10, 2007November 30th, 2008Music


  • Grade A says:

    Botswana Headz still bump your joint and forever. Rest in Peace

  • Tyt Marv says:

    R.I.P Dilla Dawg; The illest rhythmnist to ever grace the planet!!!!!!!!! who will ever bring the vibe Dilla brought, bring the rhythm dilla blessed us with, and make music with the feel he had – My heart breaks everytime i bump Jay Dee aka J Dilla cause what he left behind is all we gonna get and nothing more, i’m talking Que-D [quiet delicious], slumvillage [fantastic vol 1 & 2],
    Tribe Called Quest [all traxx that Dilla produced], Busta Rhymes [all traxx that Dilla Produced],
    The Ol’school Frank N Dank [Traxx that Dilla produced], The Ummah, Jay Dee Vintage instrumentals, …………….. u Know what I mean.

    would also Like To give shout outs to Madlib aka Quasimoto [the next greatest rhythmnist/beat productionist] of our time, Peace to Kev Brown from a [Low Budget Production] for the dope loops [watch out madlib], and to all those who feel the DILLA VIBE BABY – – – – – – – – – – – – DILLA 4 LIFE – – – – – – – – – – – -peace to the God of the Dilla Movement – – – – – –

    DILLA FAN – Tyt Marv aka Harry Chin

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