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Saukrates “Soaring To Heaven Pt. 2”

By March 19, 2010Music, Premiere

Saukrates is finishing up the album “Season One” and gearing up to drop a mixtape with The Real Frequency x so stay tuned for that! Oh forgot to mention this is produced by non other than Rich Kidd himself and he fucking destroyed this beat!….I wish he dropped a verse on this. I also included the original version of the song which appeared on King Reign’s EP (being re-issued soon). Shout to Keezy, Arcee, P, Chase, Michael and Sauks!

Saukrates “Soaring To Heaven Pt. 2” Produced by Rich Kidd

King Reign “Soaring To Heaven” (feat. Saukrates, Tona & Rich Kidd) Produced by Rich Kidd


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