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Ebro gotta stick to playing the hits and berating 19 year olds for not wanting to freestyle over Primo beats.

Telling Charlamagne to stop trying so hard to be accepted by HWhite America like we (HOT 97 programming and marketing departments) didn’t have multiple meetings discussing the merits of hiring Peter Rosenberg over other black and brown “underground spinning Hip Hop DJs” primarily because he could help reel in the white listenership of suburban New Jersey and Connecticut (and to help build out our video department which was in its infancy because they thought his “Throw Some Cheese On It” parody video was so funny).

He cannot be serious.

Cats gotta stop frontin’ like they doin’ all this for la raza/the culture when it’s really just another corporate proxy war over morning show ratings and ultimately advertising revenue. Just make your show better.

Let Rosenberg fight his own battles.

Calling another (supremely and frequently problematic) black man a coon on behalf of your troll-y, instigating white co-host—the optics look crazy on that.  Especially when you’re just being a foot soldier for a company that cares about the bottom line just as much as any other corporation out there.

These corporations don’t care about blackness outside of the aspects they can sell outright or sell advertising against.


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