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Donald Trump is The Devil.

El Diablo, Satan, Lucifer, Beelzebub, The Morningstar, Old Nick, Damien, Reagan, Bush.
The scary part was the last two were actually President. ( I don’t consider George H.W. Bush The Devil because he only had 1 term. I consider him a lesser demon )
Trump looks well on his way to securing the Republican nomination, a fact that makes the GOP establishment want to kill themselves. I fucking love it.

Before I let you get too far into this piece I have to let it be known I am NOT a Donald Trump fan nor am I a fan of the Republican OR Democratic parties. Fuck both of them. Though in the spirit of transparency I will say I don’t vote FOR Democrats, I vote AGAINST Republicans. As a matter of fact I want to be totally honest. I hate Trump. I hate the way he talks, I hate the shit he talks about, I hate his face, I hate the tan lines around his eyes, I hate his actual eyes, I hate the way he smells & I’ve never even been close to the muthafucka. I hate his suits & his ties, & of course I hate his stupid fucking hair. Needless to say, I don’t like this guy. At all.

As much as I hate Trump I’m totally dismayed by his supporters. They taught me to never underestimate the stupidity of people. NEVER. It’s apparent that some people are inherently stupid. Or they actually feel the same way this bigoted xenophobe feels about immigration, economics, planned parenthood & the war on terror.

DONALD TRUMP, THE GREAT WALL BUILDER ( that Mexico is gonna pay for – BULLSHIT ).
I got one word for DonaldTrump. “HOW?”
How are u going to make Mexico pay for the wall? Because of a trade deficit? So? Mexico isn’t gonna pay for shit.

Let’s be clear, PRESIDENT OBAMA has deported more illegal aliens / undocumented immigrants
than any other president in history. To date 2.5 million illegals have gotten the boot courtesy of PRESIDENT OBAMA. This is in direct contradiction to TRUMP’S assertion that this administration does nothing about illegal immigration. TRUMP promises to root out the 11 MILLION undocumented immigrants living in Amerikkka & deport them. 11 MILLION PEOPLE. What the fuck is TRUMP TALKING ABOUT? That’s im-fucking-possible. You are going to have our ICE, HOMELAND SECURITY, & INS agents investigate, locate, apprehend, detain, & deport 11MILLION PEOPLE. Yeah, ok. What do u think that will cost per person? $10 dollars? $100 dollars? Even at just $10 a person that’s $110 MILLION DOLLARS. & believe me, it’s gonna cost alot more than $10 dollars per person.

It wld cost between $400 – $600 BILLION DOLLARS to deport these people. Is Mexico gonna pay for that, too? Amerikkkans like to argue that the illegals take all of their jobs. Well, after TRUMP implements his ELIAN PLAN they would be able to sell oranges & cut grass anywhere they want to without illegals preventing them from attaining their life’s goal.

Like all Republicans TRUMP has vowed to repeal OBAMACARE. You know Republicans hate when poor people get any type of help. However, unlike most of TRUMP’s fellow Republican presidential candidates TRUMP has no concrete plan to replace OBAMACARE & no idea where to start. He just knows Republicans hate it, so he says that he does too. What an idiot.

TRUMP is saying that he will destroy ISIS, also saying that he would kill the families of terrorists. ( This muthafucka doesn’t wanna go to THE WHITE HOUSE, he wants to go to THE HAGUE)
That’s all well & good but when he had his chance to fight for Amerikkka in Vietnam in the 60’s he procured a deferment for having a “heel spur”. Get the fuck out of here. When he was asked about it he reportedly couldn’t remember which heel had been “injured”.

How the fuck is he going to defeat ISIS when he circumvented the draft to avoid having to fight in Vietnam?

DONALD TRUMP constantly professeses his love for the second amendment & says stupid shit like we need MORE firearms to prevent or stop mass shootings like the ones in Paris, SanBernardino, & more recently Kansas. I suppose TRUMP is also going to issue an executive order that everyone carry a firearm, send everyone to NAVY SEAL training, & deputize everybody in Amerikkka.
His next executive order will be to replace all the fire hydrants in the U.S.A with oil drums filled with gasoline.

Although TRUMP says that he loves the 2ND AMENDMENT & THE CONSTITUTION more than KANYE loves KANYE, there are other parts of the CONSTITUTION that he’s not too fond of. Like the FIRST AMENDMENT. You know the FIRST AMENDMENT right? Small part of the constitution that ensures us the right to freedom of religion, free speech (press), assembly. fHe wants to fuck with it so that he can sue the press for printing unflattering articles about him. Unbefuckinglievable.

On one end of the spectrum he’s a promoter of the 2ND AMENDMENT & on the other end he’s looking for chinks in the FIRST AMENDMENT’s armor. TRUMP claims & blames the press aka “THE LIBERAL MEDIA” for lying on him but as far as I can tell they’ve just been telling the truth & asking him to explain dumb-shit that came out his own mouth. TRUMP claims he’s for the people but he wants to silence those who disagree with or criticize him.


This is pretty fucking funny. TRUMP tries to push this narrative that he built his company from nothing. He likes to say that he started with a “small loan from his father” ( FRED TRUMP, more on him later ). Yup, TRUMP got a small loan of ONE MILLION DOLLARS.
That’s equivalent to almost

Get the fuck out of here.
I don’t know a lot about TRUMP’S business dealings, but I do know he has filed for bankruptcy at least four different times, closed down the TRUMP PLAZA (which left approximately 1300 people out of work), & he expedited the demise of the USFL.

Ya’ll remember the USFL don’t u? Professional football played in the spring from 1983 – 1986. Had players like HERSCHEL WALKER, DOUG FLUTIE, JIM KELLY, STEVE YOUNG, amongst others. TRUMP owned a team in that league, the NY/NJ GENERALS. He pushed for the USFL to move their season to the fall to battle the NFL. They also sued the NFL in an antitrust suit which they won, however they were awarded damages totaling $3.00.

The league folded soon after before ever competing head to head with the NFL in the fall. The USFL’s implosion is widely attributed to DONALD TRUMP & is the subject of an ESPN 30 for 30 film called, “SMALL POTATOES”.

He’s also being sued for fraud by some former students at his now defunct TRUMP UNIVERSITY, where students paid up to $36,000 to learn TRUMP’s real estate secrets. Evidently some people didn’t learn shit.

This is my favorite TRUMP.
Since the beginning of his campaign there has been strong racist undertones in his message. He employs alot of dog-whistle politics. Dog-whistle politics are when a politician makes one general statement for his general audience, but it has a deeper, different or additional meaning for a targeted subgroup. Like when TRUMP says ” MAKE AMERIKKKA GREAT AGAIN”. Some people hear “MAKE AMERIKKKA WHITE AGAIN”. He is basically alienating Mexicans & Muslims, intent on kicking one group out & not letting the other group in. His message is clear, “I’M GOING TO BUILD A WALL” really means “THEY’RE NOT LIKE US, SO WE NEED TO BE SEPARATE”. That shit resonates with certain groups, especially among those whites that feel disenfranchised & by this current progressive administration & frankly they feel left behind by the world. Let’s be clear, TRUMP is saying all the things that his target audience whispers about at the kitchen table. That’s the scary part. TRUMP has hundreds of thousands of people who echo his ideology. MEXICANS – Violent rapists, put up a wall & keep them out. Deport the ones that are here. Out, out damn spot!
MUSLIMS – Don’t let them in! Muslims are bad! Which stokes the fires of hatred & distrust which already exist in this country concerning our Muslim communities. Now TRUMP may have initiated a full blown assault on brown people, but he didn’t forget about black people. Hell naw. He just took a different approach with us, more passive – aggressive. When TRUMP’s not ignoring the black race, TRUMP does shit like praise the police & say how they’re treated horribly & when they make one mistake the “lying liberal media” plasters it all over the news. Although that “one mistake” usually leads to the death of an unarmed black person, but whatever, right?

No biggie. TRUMP’s rallies are often interrupted by different protestors, including BlackLivesMatter. I saw a recent TRUMP rally in Virginia where BLM attended & chanted “BLACK LIVES MATTER!”, to which the crowd responded with their own chant of “ALL LIVES MATTER!” while the protestors were being removed. TRUMP took to the mic & repeated “ALL LIVES MATTER!” I gotta go off-topic for a sec & tell you how I feel about “ALL LIVES MATTER”, which I feel is the most passive – aggressive phrase in the world. It’s right up there with “NO DISRESPECT, BUT…”.

“ALL LIVES MATTER” really means “FUCK BLACK LIVES MATTER” but it’s said in a way where u can’t refute it.
The BLACK LIVES MATTER movement came out of an anger about black people, usually unarmed, being mowed down in the street at the hands of usually white police officers. Somehow “ALL LIVES MATTER” became the response. What are you supposed to say? “FUCK EVERYBODY ELSE’S LIVES EXCEPT BLACKS”? No. The usual reply is ” YES, ALL LIVES MATTER, BUT RIGHT NOW WE’RE TALKING ABOUT BLACK LIVES “.
I look at it a little differently.
“ALL LIVES MATTER” is the equivalent of black people being on a sinking ship & screaming “MAYDAY!”, while white people are safe on dry land screaming, “MAYDAY! MAYDAY, TOO!”
Anyway, that’s my take on it.


Let’s talk about this idiot & his DAVID DUKE / KKK controversy. On Sunday February 27th TRUMP appeared on CNN on JAKE TAPPER’s “STATE OF THE UNION” show. On the show JAKE TAPPER asked TRUMP about recent statements by politician & former KKK GRAND WIZARD DAVID DUKE where DUKE proclaimed that “voting against DONALD TRUMP at this point is treason to your heritage”. TRUMP refused to disavow DUKE or the KKK, claiming that he didn’t know enough about them. What the fuck? U don’t know who DAVID DUKE is or what the KKK is about? Are u fucking serious? Of course TRUMP later backtracked, even posting a video from the previous Friday where he denounced DUKE, albeit very flippantly, “DAVID DUKE? I DISAVOW HIM, OK?” What I’m trying to figure out is why did u know exactly who DAVID DUKE was on Friday, but have no clue who the fuck he is two days later during the CNN interview? Turns out TRUMP was fully aware of who DAVID DUKE is & is familiar with his views, because in 2000 TRUMP decided to forgo a presidential run as a member of the Reform Party but decided against it when he discovered that DAVID DUKE was involved. He claimed that a faulty ear piece didn’t allow him to hear JAKE TAPPER’S questions about DUKE. This lying muthafucka. Don’t insult my fucking intelligence. He actually said the name “DAVID DUKE” two or three times during the interview & repeated TAPPER’s questions.

Faulty ear piece. Whatever. He’s a fucking liar like all politicians. He eventually condemned DAVID DUKE & other white supremacists after intense pressure from the GOP. Well, DONALD TRUMP is VERY familiar with the KKK. His father, FRED TRUMP, the giver of small million dollar loans, was arrested in 1927 at a KKK rally in Queens, NY. This happened. TRUMP says different & again proves himself to be a liar. TRUMP has been dogged by the racist tag his whole campaign, even his spokeswomen KATRINA PIERSON says racist bullshit like “WHERE ARE ALL OF THE PURE BLOODS?” He keeps a few coons on the payroll. OMAROSA, PASTOR DARRELL SCOTT, PASTOR MANNING those two coon broads DIAMOND & SILK, etc. You have to be a special type of coon to support a man white supremacists are endorsing & placing robocalls for. All black people who are supporting TRUMP should ask the KKK to give them a ride to the polls. They’re pals.

TRUMP is a megalomaniac, demagogue, a con man, a narcissist, a carnival barker, a fool. He’s playing / preying upon the fears of people who are supposedly from “THE HOME OF THE BRAVE” Brave? I can’t tell. They seem to be a bunch of bitches to me, running to hide behind TRUMP’s skirt. They’re expecting TRUMP to protect them. A guy who wouldn’t even fight when he was drafted. Now he’s saying he’s gonna fight for Amerikkka, & these idiots believe him. The funniest thing about TRUMP besides his spray tan & hair is the fact that for all of his posturing on immigration, his wife MELANIA TRUMP is an immigrant ( well, technically everyone is an immigrant except the NATIVE AMERIKKKANS ) who’s from Yugoslavia & speaks broken English. & they want to put her in the White House. Ridiculous.

I just keep remembering all the dumb shit he did, like getting mad at FOHX NEWS’ MEGYN KELLY during a debate because she asked him a series of questions quoting his own words including derogatory comments TRUMP made about women & asked if he thought he sounded presidential. I remember him mumbling some bullshit & not really answering the questions. Then months later he wouldn’t do a debate that MEGYN KELLY was moderating. He talks all this tough shit regarding PUTIN, JONG UN, MEXICO, CHINA, & ISIS, but he’s scared of MEGYN KELLY.
Fucking sissy.

This citrus colored muthafucka has the temperament of a fussy 5 year old & he could be in control of the world’s most powerful nuclear arsenal. If he throws a hissy fit everybody dies. It’s like us having our very own KIM JONG UN but crazier.

Usually I write about some rap bullshit, but this election is too important for me to ignore. There’s alot of crazy shit going on in the world & we need somebody sane to navigate us through it. I don’t give a fuck who you vote for, as long as it’s not TRUMP…or CRUZ..or RUBIO…or KASICH…or DR.CARSON…

I ain’t telling anyone how to live, I’m just making some suggestions. If you don’t like abortions don’t have one, if you don’t like the gay lifestyle then don’t fuck the same sex, & if you don’t like Islam then practice Christianity.

I know alot of folks love TRUMP & are going to vote for him no matter what anyone says. People love that he’s supposedly self-financing his whole & he likes to say that he isn’t owned by any big company but likes to brag that his company is worth 10 billion dollars, he IS the big company. Voting for TRUMP is like voting for one of the KOCH brothers.
This whole debacle is beyond stupid. I feel embarrassed that I live in Amerikkka. I feel embarrassed for the people who proudly support TRUMP. It’s like waving an “I’M STUPID” flag over their heads. It’s just so ridiculous I keep waiting for him to walk up to a podium say, “SIKE”. For a few months I thought he was trolling. When I realized he was serious it was horrifying. This is a man who ridiculed JOHN McCAIN for being a POW, but he himself skirted the draft and didn’t even fight in the war. This is a man who will run to Twitter & slander the shit out of his opponents in-between retweeting racist groups & MUSSOLINI quotes.

The scary shit isn’t just TRUMP, its his supporters. Some people actually BELIEVE his bullshit. Stupid people are scary.

TRUMP is the scariest muthafucka I’ve seen in a long time.

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