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This my face after hearing the Nas x J Dilla “Gobstopper” track, previewed at a Run The Jewels 2 event. Has Nas ever even heard a Company Flow song?


You had all the time and money in the world to record with Jay Dee when he was alive, but you so disconnected from anything that has a pulse in quality rap music, you rhymin’ over near decade old Dilla beats?

Dilla beats we’ve been married to as an instrumental only, that several other rappers have already tried to flow over. And then you don’t even kill it?

You had one job to do!

Stop pandering. Outchea wasting time with beats from Chris Webber and Swizz Weakz and Polow Da Don (who is dope btw), but wanna rap over Dilla in 2014. Like there’s anything risky, or daring about doing that in 2014. Like you throwin’ us a bone or something.

Meanwhile Royce da 5’9″ doin’ with Primo what Nas should’ve been doin’ for the last 20 years.

Whose bad idea was this? How can we stop bad ideas like this from happening?

Whoever pitched this idea to Nas, should’ve pitched Black Milk, or 14KT, or Waajeed, or Illmind, DJ Spinna, or Symbolyc One, or Oddisee, or Mr Porter, or hell, 9th Wonder.

I hope the money from this went into a trust for Dilla’s kids.

As my man Encore said, “you can usually tell how not fire the bars are gonna be by how soon a rapper names the producer of the track.”

Phoned in, and uninspired.

I critique, because I care.

While we here, this better:


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