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I’m an idiot.

I’m in the gym the other night, and I cue up my “MISC” playlist for the workout. This is a playlist of stray songs that I just throw together when I don’t really care  to organize anything at the time. Drake’s “We Made It” just faded out, and in came another song that completely caught me off guard. “What the hell is this? This is NICE!!!!!!!!” Looked at the iPod: Tiny Hearts : Snow Cold. 

Took me a while to register, but then I vaguely remember FWMJ sending me a link or something at 3AM about a month before. (He does it all the time). I literally kicked myself (don’t ask me how) for waiting an entire month to listen to this song, and it ended up being the only song that I listened to for the rest of the workout.  I asked FWMJ about it when I got home, and he hit me with a snarky “duh” or “you slippin”, as he’s prone to do . Then he linked me to the Bandcamp. Credit card info memorized. Bought. Downloaded.  Immediate fan.

End of stanning. Please watch their newly released video for “Snow Cold”, appropriately titled for the weather that most of are enduring.


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