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Chapter 2. How I bullied my way onto a track.

On a day just like any other, Don stopped by to record some songs, this time for a joint project with John O, a possible follow up to their Harlem to Houston mixtape. He usually records at least 3 or 4 when he swings by. This time, he only wanted to record one. He told me that E. Classic (of HISD notoriety) produced it. I was happy to hear that, because E had (allegedly) started scaling back on his production output. I was floored as soon as I heard it.

In the not too distant past, I was often accused of bullying my way onto songs – writing verses when I wasn”t invited to participate to begin with. I”m not ashamed of this fact. If I hear something I really like, i”m trying to jump best online casino on it. The worst that they can say is “no”. And i”ve been told that plenty of times.The version of “Zenith” that Don played already had John O”s verse on it. He was going to write his on the spot and record it. Unbeknownst to him, while he was penning his verse I was sneak-writing on the side. You can even hear in my verse that i”m doing something that I shouldn”t:

“Wasn”t even supposed to be on it / but I bogarded and started writing / inviting myself…”

Unfortunately, a follow up for Harlem to Houston hasn”t happened yet. Fortunately, Randle Rose has. Listening to the song as I write this. I really cut for this song. More to come with E Class in the near future…



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