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As you probably know by now, Kashmere Don and I dropped a surprise EP a few days ago. We both hope you sincerely enjoyed it. With that out of the way, I wanted to give you a look behind the curtain, because occasionally people inquire about the creative process. My wife often says that I have a tendency to over-explain things, and usually tunes me out less than halfway through a story. So proceed at your own risk…

I have to give fair warning, though – I sometimes carry a reputation for imposing myself onto songs / projects. If I hear something that I really  like, I generally try to plot / scheme my way onto it. You’ll see that as a recurring theme as I discuss this particular collection of songs. I like to call it passion. Others like to call it words that I choose not to print.

I first heard the track for “Longest Day Ever” years ago when Don was performing at  a venue here in Houston. This was right after he and DJ Cozmos released Tasters Choice, and were about to break ground on The Daily JournalFrom what I recall, the song was really more of a trial run to gauge how it might sound in a live capacity. That same night, he also premiered what would eventually become “Salud”. The clip below shows the first time I ever heard the track:

You probably couldn’t catch it in the clip, but the bass in that track SURROUNDED you in that small venue. I quietly told myself, “If he ever passes on this one, i’m snatching it.” Don had intentions of including the track on his album, but it never came to be. And of course, I seized my opportunity.

I’d been grappling with the idea of “being of a certain age” in respect to my tenure in making music. Some opinions would have you believe that music is by and for the youth, and once you’re over 30 you should commit to doing “grown up” things. Even though i’ve never understood the concept of no longer doing what you love to do because someone says you’re too old, i’ve often considered retreating from the “professional” side of music creation and keep it purely recreational. I’ve “quit” twice a year for the last 10 years. But who am I fooling? This song reflects that dilemma. I can lie to myself and say that i’m going to walk away from it forever, but if inspiration strikes (for example, this track) i’m all in.

Shout out to DJ Cozmos for the Loose End flip. Very simple, but effective arrangement with no snare and an intermient clap that really allows the lyrics to shine through.

Additional thanks to Mister Remix for helming the camera for our one-take shoot.

Check back tomorrow when I discuss how I used deceit and strong-arming tactics to get on “Zenith”!



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