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I’m Caucasian

By May 29, 2009Misc, RIK.TV


  • TACH says:

    “White like salt packs…” ROTFLMAO

  • Sponatola says:

    How stupid & racist yo Cunninlynguists are fucking wack!!

  • Damien says:

    This was actually pretty funny

  • Dj Ill One says:

    All the white players getting dunked on LOL!

  • VIDEOKINGnotwithstanding(fill in the blank) says:

    “he ain’t caucasian he European”………………………… LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And yo i still got that NBA hoops rookie card for Danny Ferry always wondered why in the pic he was in plain clothes “he caucasian!!!!!!!!!!!” LOL

  • Carl Lee Phys says:

    To that ‘Sponatola’ dude who commented and said “How stupid & racist yo Cunninlynguists are fucking wack!!”. How the fuck is this racist . you need to look up in the dictionary and look up the origin of the word ‘racist’ or ‘racism’ and see what it really means. this is no where close, trust me.

    you’re probably a sensitive white guy. get the stick out your ass.

    and so on, the cat who did this video is white/caucasian himself, if i’m not mistaken. i’m guessing who made this video. if i’m wrong correct me. he goes by the name Kno, a member of cunninlynguists. if he’s white himself, what does that tell you. i don’t know. you tell me.

    also, the part of you saying cunninlynguists is wack. that’s your opinion. for myself, i’m not the biggest cunninlynguists fan. i didn’t like every song or album they’ve put out, but they had some joints that we’re dope. for example, ‘seasons change’ feat. masta ace. that was one of my joints. i still listen to that till’ this day. but i think they’ve changed their style to more southern sounding than they have before. which i really don’t like. i’m more of a east coast boom bap type of dude.

    but anyway, if anyone is curious about what race i am, if it even matters. i’m not caucasian, put it that way. all in all, this video was funny as shit.

  • Sponatola says:

    Carl Racist Lee Phys “i’m more of a east coast boom bap type of dude.” = shut the fuck up!!
    Now go listen to your favorite song that u listen to every day Cunninlynguists ft. Masta Ace.

  • Antonio says:

    Kno is white. And the song is pretty funny, in all honesty.

  • Carl Lee Phys says:

    @ Sponatola.

    you shut the fuck up, idiot. thought i wasn’t going to answer back, huh. well, you’re wrong. you fucking mongoloid.

    know your history jack ass, before you call someone else a racist.

    white caucasians and europeans like yourself are the real racist.

    Let me give you some examples motherfucker. – 1) the slaughter and murder of native americans and the illegal occupation of stolen land called the united states of america. 2) the illegal capturing of africans boarded on slave ships and shipped from africa to the caribbean and america. enslaved, killed, beaten, murdered, hung and forced to work for no pay by racist white slave owners on plantations through out the south and the so-called united states. Also, through out the Caribbeans, North and South America, Europe, etc. 3) sold and bought off to racist white slave masters and families 4) beaten and stripped us africans of our names and sense of self and humanity. 5) racism and segregation of schools and the work-force by law through out America 6) White-Only restaurants, White-Only water fountains and segregation of neighborhoods where african-americans were not allowed by law through out America. 7) rocks and racial slurs like the word “NIGGER” thrown at us. killed and hung on tree limbs by ordinary white racist civilians 8) beaten, killed, water hosed and having dogs put on us by white racist police officers. 9) the plot, destruction, and murder of black civil rights leaders like Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Black Panther Party Members by racist white people, white racist cops and white racist government and the C.I.A, F.B.I., etc. Also, the plot and destruction of all black pride and Civil rights organizations by the government.

    i can go on and on. do you get the picture now. so, who’s the real racist ?. not me dummy. do you remember. you and your white people are.

    you dumb ass. know your history before you open your dumb ass white racist mouth.

    Let me school you on this right here too:

    Black People and African-Americans through out the United States of America and the Caribbean’s are the creators of culture, music, style, vernacular/speech, and everything else you racist white mother-fuckers enjoyed in the past and what you enjoy today.

    all you white mother-fuckers did was steal, mock, copy and imitate us. everything you know and have is because of us black folks.

    i can point out all the genre’s of music like gospel, blues, jazz, funk rock and roll, and rap music and this culture called Hip-Hop was created by African-Americans, Caribbean’s and Latinos.

    the reason you can listen and enjoy all this stuff is because of us black folks.

    man, you just don’t know. civilization begin africa. we birthed you white people.

    To get on this point.
    i wish alot of african-americans kids and adults could know themselves.
    maybe all this black on black crime and murder would stop.
    i love my black folks. i never sold drugs, murdered and robbed from black folks or anybody to that fact.

    i’m a smart, strong and confident black man. i would never let anybody white or anyone of any race to put me down. not in the past, now or never.

    my parents came to America from the Caribbean some 70 odd years ago and worked hard to have what they have. they never asked, begged or stole for anything. everything they got was by their own determination and hard work. and they passed those values on to me.


    listen white people. america doesn’t belong to you. you’re living on stolen land. your mother-fucking white ancestors came from europe and murdered millions of native americans to occupy this country and land called united states of america.

    let it be known to you white people. you all are fucking low-down, lying tricksters. i see right through you fake and phony mother-fuckers.

    don’t get it confused though. all white-people aren’t that way. i meet a “few” honest, good hearted white people in my 30 years of living on this earth. i also meet some low-down ass-holes that aren’t white as well. there’s ignorance and stupidity in everyone. don’t get it twisted. but i’ve learned to stand clear of those kind of people.

    but the majority of white people who i encountered in my lifetime either have or tried to do their dirty deeds upon me and my family. wether it was trying to deceive or steal from us. or at my jobs, you crackers trying to play me for a fucking fool. let it be known. i’m smarter than any thousand white mother-fuckers put together.

    so, this is all i got to say for now. peace is not a word to play

    – carl lee phys

  • Carl Lee Phys says:

    @ Sponatola.

    Once Again. That Song and Video was fucking funny.

    it was funny to see a collage white people get a ass whopping handed to them and be humiliated for a change. that’s something you don’t occasionally see.

    @ Sponatola.
    your beef is not with me. i didn’t make the hilarious fucking song and dance that this video is. it was your own white people that made it.

    by the way, i thought the shit was irritating because of the kanye west song rendition. i hate that fucking song. but i enjoyed the lyrics of this shit and the pictures of white mother-fuckers being humiliated.

  • Sponatola says:

    Wowzers… somebody needs a hug.

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