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DJ Spinna remixes Busta Rhymes “Abandon Ship” for The Recall Mixtape

By May 29, 2009June 3rd, 2009Music, Premiere

Here’s another RMX classic from DJ Spinna putting his personal touch on Busta Rhymes’ “Abandoned Ship” joint. This was never officially released, but some of you may have the very limited white-label bootleg that surfaced years ago.

To celebrate the upcoming “The Recall” mixtape from DJ Spinna, running down his extensive catalogue of guest production, remixes, and solo material, we present to you this Spinna “Abandoned Ship” RMX to help promote the upcoming mixtape, and his upcoming producer’s album “Sonic Smash,” which hosts a wide array of vocalists from the likes of Phonte (Little Brother), Elzhi (Slum Village), Fresh Daily, Torae, Jigmastas and more.

Busta Rhymes “Abandon Ship” (DJ Spinna Remix)

Tracklist after the Jump

“The Recall” Mixtape Tracklisting

1. Jigmastas – Chandon
2. Polyrhythm Addicts – Motion 2000
3. J Live – Braggin Writes (domecrackers remix)
4. Das Efx – Microphone Master (domecrackers remix)
5. IG Off and Hazadous – This Ain’t Livin
6. Sir Menelik feat Grand Puba and Sadat X – 7XL
7. Basement Khemists – Vibrate
8. DJ Spinna feat Rise – Tune You Out
9. Old World Disorder fear Eminem – 3ree6ix5ive
10. Substantial – If I Was Your Mic
11. Jay I Geez – Across The Globe
12. Truth Enola and De La Soul – Voictress
13. De La Soul – Stakes Is High Dj Spinna Remix)
14. Shabaam Sahdeeq
15. Artifacts – It’s Gettin Hot (Dj Spinna Remix)
16. Dynas feat Krym and Masta Ace – Game Huntin
17. DJ Spinna feat Shadowman – Drive
18. Jigmastas feat Sadat X – Don’t Get It Twisted
19. Mr. Complex – I Don’t Know
20. Busta Rhymes – Abandon Ship (Dj Spinna Remix)
21. Rise – Do You Know Him
22. N.O.T.S Clik feat Big L – Work Is Never Done
23. Missing Linx – Who U Be
24. J Live feat Asheru and El Da Sensai – 3 out of 7
24. Pharoahe Monch – Tooley Crew Personified
25. Big Kwam – Verbalize
26. Masta Ace feat Jean Grae – Soda And Soap
27. Sadat X – Plan X
28. Ed OG – Don’t Talk About It
29. DJ Spinna feat Phonte – Intergalactic Soul
30. Eddie Brock – Double Edge
31. Mr. Complex – Visualize (inst)


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  • Luigi-Bo 87 says:

    He did a nice job with this. Lovin the keys!

  • Sponatola says:

    This is a good remix = Didn’t Dilla do the original Abandon Ship???

  • VIDEOKINGnotwithstanding(fill in the blank) says:

    because i know it probably won’t be on the mixtape 9but i hope he does) if anyone has the M.C.Eiht spinna remix that i can’t think of right now (i know it’s not “thuggin it up” cause i have that) but the other one please post it. Can’t think of the name of it.

  • Sponatola says:

    OOOPS credits say produced by Busta…

  • Dutchmassive | The Hobbyshop Hero says:

    DJ SPINNA Without A Doubt is one of the Dopest producers EVER EVER EVER!!!!!!! and It is A shame how Under Appreciated duke is! Sure people recognize him, but not in the light he is deserved of……. Why is this?… Because he is Still Breathing?…… I guarantee if Spinna Passed (God Forbid) Cats would come all out of the woodwork and realize how much music this man has created and how many producers he influenced Including Dilla! You Can Recognize a SPINNA BEAT anywhere (except for his man JOC MAX whom he mentored hence the Super Close Similarities)

    His Remix’s SMASH the Originals….. His work with Soul and R&B artist is top Notch and his Place in the Soulful Deep House Scene is well positioned……

    I love Spinna, Always have, Always Will……. The Same As I love Dilla, Peterock, Premo, Erick Sermon, Buckwild, BeatMinerz…..

    Thanks for posting this up FRANK!! Alot fo Classics are on this bad boy!

    Ima Research it some more and Do A SPINNA SPOTLIGHT over @t


  • Mark says:

    how or where can i download this.

  • nicknack says:

    Spinna is SO friggin dope. This post just made my day. Woohoooooo.

  • flwrpt. says:

    DJ Spinna definitely comes through consistently with his remixes. Dope.

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