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Pharoahe Monch Declares "W.A.R."

By May 30, 2009March 20th, 2014Interviews


  • Carl Lee Phys says:

    Pharoahe Monche. One of the illest Mc’s of all time. a pure lyricist. and that’s not an opinion, that’s a fact. i grew up on Organized konfusion. One of My favorite duo/group of all time. Also, can’t forget Prince Po aka Prince Poetry, a member of Organized Konfusion. Another ill Mc.

    Can’t wait for that ‘W.A.R.’. Album. I’m anticipating what the sound of the album is going to sound like.
    i really didn’t like his last album he put out . I’m not saying it was wack. i just didn’t like it as much as his prior shit like ‘Internal Affairs’, etc.

    I got to say this. What the fuck is up with that dumb ass saying he’s sound like the black eminem. That got me pissed off. Pharoahe came out way before eminem ever thought about rapping. eminem does not compare or stand close to Pharoahe’s skills. Get the the fuck outta here what the stupid ass comparison.

    It probably was a young ass white kid, who recently started listening to Hip Hop Music, who would say some dumb shit like that. Probably he’s first experience with rap music was listening to eminem. fuck eminem.

    i see Pharoahe Monch took it lightly and just laughed it off. If it was me i would’ve been pissed.

    but anyway, that’s it.

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  • Jerry says:

    yeah, the eminem comment is crazy. I actually heard a kid say that about Rakim years ago, saying HE sounded like NAs. *Smh*

  • Jerz says:

    Yeah the comparison to Eminem was outlandish to say the least. While Eminem is a great emcee, in my opinion, it sounds like he got a lot of his vocal creativity from Pharoahe Monche. Listen to the song “9x out of 10” by Oganized Konfusion. Pharoahe’s always used crazy vocal inflections when he’s rhymed, far before Eminem started rapping professionally.

    Hey Carl Lee: you didn’t like the “Desire” album, that much? Aww, man–you gotta give it another listen, friend! It took me a couple of times to really appreciate the work, to be honest. I do think that “Internal Affairs” is his best work to date, with the “Awakening mixtape” a close second.

    That said, I’m ready for W.A.R.!

  • Joe dizzle says:

    pharoahes the man. thats all i need to say

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