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Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis. The Neptunes. The Bomb Squad. These are just a few production tandems that have left their indelible marks on popular music. The Hue has its own legendary production team – King Coz.

King Coz consists of King Midas and DJ Cozmos, brought together by some unknown twist of fate, destined to cast a golden shadow on the landscape of music. Cozmos is a 20+ year veteran of music production; Midas has been involved for about half that time, but his talent belies his age. I can’t really pinpoint when they first got together; i just remember looking up one day and noticing that Coz had been going to The Gold Room regularly. One of the first completed tracks that I became aware of was an… “interesting” number called “Take Em Off”:

Once this little diddy hit the net, I decided to visit The Gold Room more often – at one point, 6 days a week. Took my little camera in to document the process, to. I quickly discovered that their approach to production was one of the most unconventional that i’d seen. A lot of their ideas were born from absolute randomness. Exhibit A – The making of HISD’s “Space City Express”:

Most of the tracks during these sessions ended up on HISD’s Summer Sessions LP, and later The Weakend. If you were paying attention at the time, you may have caught a preview on The Observations Of King Coz:

Since then, the dynamic duo has gone on to produce all of HISD and Radio Galaxy’s releases since then, and is canvassing the musical backdrop for The Hue’s upcoming release, Aurora.


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