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Frank D’Amato x  Ancient RA*SAN dropped a new project titled ‘ASTROWORLD’ the other day, and it’s definitely a refreshing audio experience with these two splitting production and rhyming duties. RA*SAN is one of Houston’s best kept secrets from the DJ/Producer spectrum. I’ve witnessed him in action numerous times at some house parties around the way. You hear Dilla & Madlib  influences but he’s got his own flavor–trust me. Frank D’Amato comes with some rich unorthodox lyricism that matches the production perfectly.

ASTROWORLD in Frank D’Amato‘s words:

“AstroWorld is a ode to Houston’s known theme park Six Flags AstroWorld which was closed down in 2006. This project is an overall homage to AstroWorld which was a big part of my childhood life in Houston Tx. Every track on AstroWorld is titled after the roller coasters and water rides from the theme park. We wanted you tou experience AstroWorld in musical form. I want to bring you in my world  mixed with the true hip-hop elements, life experiences, pain and joy.” ~Frank D’Amato


Listen & Download it below from their bandcamp page aka chunk these boys some change because it’s worth it!


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