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Neon Collars featuring Kay – “Pain 2 Glory” (Live) from Ethos Music Group on Vimeo.

I’m a big fan of Neon Collars. It’s not a secret. Plus, you know Kay is my boy. So when he invied me to the showcase on April 24th, I had to fall through. The lineup was: Caretta Bell (with Michele Thibeaux, also Savvi from H.I.S.D.); Neon Collars, Chris Dave and Friends (Robert Glasper, Jon Jon, Casey Benjamin, Stokely, Bilal, Ledisi, and Mos Def… along with a HOST of musicians).

This is a selection from Neon Collars’ set featuring Kay, called “Pain 2 Glory”.

I was finally / formally introduced to lead singer Fran, and had to compliment her on her almost surreal vocal arrangements. She’s going to be “it” someday. I told you first.

Tried to sneak some backstage food to 8 Months, but security wasn’t even allowing opening acts backstage.

Also found out that 8 Mos and I re from the same neighborhood… Sunnyside stand up!!!!

Sadly, I didn’t get my camera powered up in time to really get Michele and Savvi in action – it didn’t occur to me that THEY JUST MIGHT BE PERFORMING….


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  • fwmj says:

    I love Denis on the guitar man, he makes it look so easy!

  • mavrek says:

    Its refreshing to hear new cats like Neon Collors rep Houston…. I think if they keep going the direct is ion they are bound to do great things. By the way Kay is the hardest working man in Houston hip hop.

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