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FWMJ Mini Rant: Asher Roth and his Nappy Headed Hoes

By April 24, 2009Misc, Real Life

Now, I don’t think this necessarily means he’s racist, more than it means he’s an idiot with inappropriate humour for the arena he’s chosen to pursue and perform in. He’s also a dumbass for deleting said offensive Tweets, like they didn’t happen, as if folks don’t have screen capture. Idiot.

But let’s stay focused, who actually likes this guy’s music? I mean, really.

I know a few people that claim to like it, but I figure that’s just being political and playing the game, and, you know, Asher doesn’t seem like a bad kid. Seems pretty easy to get along with to be honest.

But let’s stay focused. Who actually likes this guy’s music, that counts, you know, when it comes to the canon of hip hop. I’m sure he’ll get there if he keeps at it and keeps getting hook ups based on his management team calling in favours all over the industry, but I can’t see naan one person I know that likes rap ridin’ around with this guy’s music blarrin’ out the car with a screwface on like the first time you heard Mic Geronimo’s “Masta I.C.” (Remix) or something. In fact, I can’t think of a record that’s thrilled me less, with as many accolades at the moment than Asher’s project. I’d honestly put on a Audio Book or Snoop’s No Limit Records album before this.

I gave it a go, honestly, but man, snoresville. I can’t front, he can make words rhyme a little bit, but a) I’m not tryin’ to hear him rap about Teddy Ruxpin b) I don’t really like these C+ Danger Mouse/Danger Doom-y kind of beats when Danger Mouse does em. You can’t sample rock music and not make it sound lame/dry/boring. I understand we’ve got different generations of hip hop fans and listeners out there now, but I don’t know how anyone that’s been listening to rap since Run DMC and enjoyed rap music with some weight and gravity to it in the early to mid 90s can find this anything more than a vain, mediocre, novelty social experient with a hardcore marketing blizzard. Peep the god Dart Adams’ take in his blog post.

Dart Adams: “Dart’s Rant Of The Day: Hype, Lies & Corprate Co-signs”.

Now, Rick Ross album (you was right Kay, 9th Wonder, Jessie Maguire) that’s an unexpected kick in the neck. The beats on that album SLAM! He still a liar no doubt the beats crank!

P.S. Are we still mad at Eminem for callin’ his (black) ex-girlfriend when he was 16 (?) a bitch?


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  • miko says:


    when “white and male and entitled” is your position on the board, you feel comfortable “trying on” other cultural caps like hip-hop, while not appreciating the struggle from which the specific cultural object came. so you can let shit like “nappy headed hos” fall out your mouth and not think twice of it. that is the power of the white normative gaze.

  • sam says:

    rap is shit. twitter is shit. i’m surprised that people who seem almost as bitter as i am are reading about awful gimmick-rap on a worthless website full of motherfuckers typing “lol” and shit like that. whoever is behind all of this is winning.. don’t you see?

    maybe when you’re at that next dark point in your life that has you browsing twitter and looking at pages of rappers that you hate for something to get mad about.. you’ll remember my words and instead of making a blog about it, x out the twitter window and go do something that makes you feel happy.

    ignore shit that sucks.. like this comment.. ignore it if you don’t like it. more people will read my comment if you write a novel about it.

  • Felix says:

    >>jdub, you’re an idiot. dismiss yourself. ross is a clown, but the music on his shit takes a green watery baby shit ALL over the beats on asher’s album. and i know 30 rappers that would eat asher alive, so i aint givin him the time of day, much less time to develop to even remotely live up to the hype. go head butt a brick wall and have a cup of coma. RWAR!

    So basically what you’re saying is that asher is the 31th most talented rapper in the world? mmm… that’s actually pretty good.

  • FWMJ says:

    nice try Felix, but no.

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