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Mos Def Challenges Wayne, Jay-Z & Andre 3000

By April 5, 2009Misc, Mixtapes, Music, RIK.TV


  • sonnyred! says:

    for real, mos is dope..but 3000 is the greatest. mos can’t shine as bright solo than when he’s w/other cats. he can build with and off others..but not solo. just like kweli. 3000 is still dope.

    they both performed for me before..N5, KIDS promotions….you can’t hate on 3000. he’s eccentric.

    but fuck weezy..epitome of ignorance. big l will rock him any day…..we’re talking about rappers vs lyricists now.

  • yeah, uh, 3 stacks the greatest? know the ledge, B…

    IF (and that’s a big ass if) something like this was to go down, it has to on some street corner shtuff, strictly judgement by peers-type set up. no fans. no outsiders. not having that crowd choosing who wins, crap. you KNOW how that popularity over skills crap is gonna goes.

    by the way, where that female’s lips? she had to apply charcoal dipped in molasses on them to see where they should be. sheesh…

  • JFk says:

    And the winner is……Mos Def!

  • makin moves says:

    3000 bitches

  • tjp17 says:

    Mos Def would never battle Andre he respects him too much, Mos Def said one time “Andre is that good he considers him above an the level of an emcee” read up on it.

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