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Mos Def Challenges Wayne, Jay-Z & Andre 3000

By April 5, 2009Misc, Mixtapes, Music, RIK.TV


  • Damien says:

    3000 shits on Mos Def. And Mos Def isn’t bad.

  • Raina says:

    All proceeds from Mos Def’s victory will (hopefully) go towards back child support and other assorted court costs.

  • king says:

    LOL child support LOL but yea they did diss 3000, that was weak.

    This is gonna start some ish LOL

  • VIDEOKINGnotwithstanding(fill in the blank) says:

    Forget the fight club who is going to make a good album??????????????????

  • ghettoManga says:

    it’s nice to see a major rapper (Mos is still major, right) who isn’t skeered to battle…

  • dirkflowinski says:

    This is what I call promoting a new album.

    …And how you gone say E-40 is dope, but 3000 is the equivalent of buying a Hammer, and Debrat album. I should have stopped watching right there.

    But honestly i don’t know who my money would be on out of Mos, Jay, and 3000. it would be pretty close. I would give a slight edge to Jay, or 3000 for the simple fact that alot of times it takes a minute to get what Mos is saying unless he slows it down. You can regurgitate Jay and 3000’s lyrics as soon as they say’em. For battling purposes their style would be most effective IMO.

    …I respect Lil Wayne and what he brings, but he’s not on the same level as these cats lyrically. See you got Kobe, Lebron, and D’Wade…Then you got Pierce, McGrady, Melo, etc…

  • Classical. says:

    that chick was spitting HOT FIYAH!!!!

  • Dj Ill One says:

    For one,Andre 3000 has said many times”I don`t freestyle,but I will write some s$%t to f$%k your life up” so he wouldn` t battle. Jay on the other hand would give Mos a run for his money(it would be tight though). But Weezy would throw a few jabs,but lose in the end. In my opinion.

  • Ldavoice says:

    If you watch, mos didn’t diss 3000, it was the light skinned cat wit da cam who was talking and laughing at 3stacks, but if it was a battle between all 4, it would come down to mos and jay because of there charisma………………….. (idunno about that)

    but what i do know is that it would be real interesting, and as much as i don’t like weezy, i dun heard him pull some ish out of his bum. But i do think Mos would win in the end, he just got tooo much flava/style, word play, and the right sounding voice for dem dudes.

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