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Surreal – Pardon My Dust

By November 10, 2008November 30th, 2017Music, Premiere, View All

Surreal “Godspeed” produced by Rek One (R.I.P.)

Surreal “The First Chapter” produced by Symbolyc One


Vocals by Surreal
Guest Vocals by Supastition, Izrael Bell, Brotha Soul, Dillion Maurer
Produced by Surreal, Rek One (R.I.P.), Symbolyc One, Five Quartz, Dela, Batsauce, nemo G & Def Dave.


1. Intro
2. Mama Don’t Cry
3. God Speed produced by Rek One
4. The Surface feat. Dillion Maurer prod. by Batsauce
5. Downtown Trodden prod. by nemo G
6. Time Is Of The Essence featuring Izrael Bell produced by Rek One
7. Stay The Same
8. The First Chapter produced by Symbolyc One
9. Rainy Eve
10. The Recipe
11. Pops Lullaby
12. Mama Don’t Cry (Five Quartz Remix)
13. Far Away featuring Othello and Jacewon produced by Def Dave
14. The Pursuit featuring Supastition & Brotha Soul produced by Dela

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Day #22: Surreal & DJ Balance “Rebirth of Skill”, produced by moO the Beat Fanatic

Day #6: Surreal & DJ Balance “Each Step”

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RIK Label Manager. Beat Fanatic. Music Hoarder. Twitter: @SlopFunkDust


  • nicknack says:

    Wow. FUCKING sick. So good. We need more of this ;)

  • nicknack says:

    BTW, Surreal, we would love to post this up on Hit me up through the site if you are interested.

    People need to hear this!

  • cratescienz says:

    yese,yes big up surreal . reppin tampa,florida. thats were i rest

  • Surreal says:


    Nicknack, hit me with an email addy, couldn’t find how to hit you on that site.

    Thanks for the props G

  • that one guy says:

    Sir illa Sobchak…finally listened to it all, CLASSIC!!!

    but yo….who is that one guy on “Rainy Eve” …Will Wildross…Bill Windows…or Phil Fliddows, who knows? Man, that guy must be so lame that Slop won’t even credited him for his verse! Maybe that guy should go back to making folk music for the farm people of Northern Florida or something. I hear he plays a mean Oboe though! I also hear you’re in Hollywood making great films now. I’m out here too and I’m pretty big time myself…lots of people know me. I own a restaurant called Gee Willie Williker’s Bar & Grill and I heard you know of a great new recipe for a new low cal weight watchers style sandwich. We should get together one day maybe ride a dolphin or grab a ham sammich and paint the town brown since the swine gives us the splats! Not sure why I know that…or why we would excrete fecal matter all over Hollywood…but either way…get at me dog, ruff ruff!

  • Trey says:

    Surreal has butter flowing from his veins. Thanks for the double portion, dude.

  • D.Bravo says:

    I feel inspired. nuff said

  • Surreal,
    I’ve got to thank you for the music. God has blessed you Bro, and what you do blesses those of us who enjoy good music. Future Classic, True Indeed, and Pardon My Dust have made me excited about Hip Hop again.

  • Praverb says:

    Thanks Surreal for providing another dope album you are a blessings fam…

  • Wrekon says:

    This is dope, keep doing what you do Surreal!

    Big ups from New Zealand.

  • inspired listener says:

    Hey man, I just wanted to let you know that your music has really inspired me. My friend discovered your album last December and showed it to me, now i can’t stop listening to your music. I think you are the future of hip hop and your style is definately unique. The only type of hip hop that I was accustomed to before you was that shitty bubble gum rap that everyone seems to be eating up now a days, but it’s good to hear your old school style mixed with positive lyrics. I especially liked your songs God Speed, Pursuit, and mama don’t cry. These songs helped me get through some tough times man. Again I appreciate your music and keep doing what your doing.

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