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Surreal – Pardon My Dust

By November 10, 2008November 30th, 2017Music, Premiere, View All

Surreal “Godspeed” produced by Rek One (R.I.P.)

Surreal “The First Chapter” produced by Symbolyc One


Vocals by Surreal
Guest Vocals by Supastition, Izrael Bell, Brotha Soul, Dillion Maurer
Produced by Surreal, Rek One (R.I.P.), Symbolyc One, Five Quartz, Dela, Batsauce, nemo G & Def Dave.


1. Intro
2. Mama Don’t Cry
3. God Speed produced by Rek One
4. The Surface feat. Dillion Maurer prod. by Batsauce
5. Downtown Trodden prod. by nemo G
6. Time Is Of The Essence featuring Izrael Bell produced by Rek One
7. Stay The Same
8. The First Chapter produced by Symbolyc One
9. Rainy Eve
10. The Recipe
11. Pops Lullaby
12. Mama Don’t Cry (Five Quartz Remix)
13. Far Away featuring Othello and Jacewon produced by Def Dave
14. The Pursuit featuring Supastition & Brotha Soul produced by Dela

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Day #22: Surreal & DJ Balance “Rebirth of Skill”, produced by moO the Beat Fanatic

Day #6: Surreal & DJ Balance “Each Step”

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RIK Label Manager. Beat Fanatic. Music Hoarder. Twitter: @SlopFunkDust


  • inspired listener says:

    Btw, where is your record availabe? For some reason I don’t think I would be able to find it at the vintage vinyl down the street.

  • scriptaddict says:

    yeah this guys alright i like his voice but lyrically he’s very basic flow is ordinary and what he’s saying has benn done 10 years ago nothing new or exciting to me.. sorry my opinion. your prob wondering wot im doin here if i aint feeling it?? i was searching 4 some british dude called surreal who is sick!!! lyrics r raw flow is arratic beats r nutZ. if u guys respect lyrics and poetry check this dude out also wots cool about him is the gritty london accent its like he’s just jumped out of a guy richie film!!!
    he has a few traks here im tryin to find more stuff about him? dnt think he has released anything? if u guys no let me no !?! peace

  • Fader says:

    why did i just find out about this site thanks again Slop..! Peace to Surreal one of the illest to bless a mic

  • Johnscreams says:

    Surreal is truly gifted by God. Some people claim that his ish is old and tired. I dont agree. The lyrics are honest, the beats are out of this world yet very organic, his flow is clean and his voice is simply Surreal. Thank you for making good music Man.

    God bless you and I hope your people are thinking of brimging you to South Africa.

  • Alick Maere says:

    Yo! Surea! Guess what, this Alick maere from Malawi, Africa, and am a real fan of ur musik! I got three of ur albumz and this one man, its out of this world! i DIG MORE, THe Pursuit, stay the same and the first chapter more! This is the way Gospel hip-hop is supposed to be done! rEAL SKILL, real lyrics and with dat jazzy soulful touch! We want people to lyk Gospel hip-hop not because it is gospel only but it is also done with real skill! I am an upcoming gospel hip-hop rapper, producer and writer. i do hip-hop with that neo-soul touch and appreciates all real muzik! Maybe some time u dudes u should come down to Africa, malawi u know! keep up the gud work! Wardup to Kaboose, Braille, Poems, Hazit and all dem crew! My number is 0888899670 or find me on facebook! PEACE! Wow ammo need to send u some of my stuff if u dont mind! Word!

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