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Sa-Ra Creative Partners “Fantastic Vampere” featuring Erykah Badu & Herbie Hancock

By October 19, 2008Music, Real Life

This is by far my favourite song of 2005. I played the bootleg off Gilles Peterson over 1000 times. On some leave it on repeat all night, sleep to it, dream to it, wake up to it, ride the tram listening to it, ignore class lectures listening to it. Love this song. Just love it.

Fantastic Vampere featuring Erykah Badu & Herbie Hancock

Fantastic Vampere featuring Erykah Badu & Herbie Hancock (Screwed)

And I don’t care. I know Sa-Ra’s buzz has kind of died down since they first touched down and people realised it was them that produced “Agent Orange” for Pharoahe Monch and those first round of bootleg CDRs hit the web, but they are still one of my favourite production crews.

Should F-ck.


A few pics of some good times.
Ali Shaheed Muhammad, Taz & Chris “Daddy” Dave

Taz & Khadijah

Chris “Daddy” Dave, Taz & Uncle Mike

FWMJ & Khadijah

Jahi.Sundance & Ali Shaheed Muhammad


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