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Rony: A French Soul Singer

By October 19, 2008Music, RIK.TV

Rony is a singer from Paris, one of the most famous soul singer in this city. We have several singers and musicians playing soul and jazz in Paris; I will talk about them later (Oncle Ben, Freddy, Sandra Nkake…), but Rony is performing since a while. We saw him getting better, better voice, better prestation, better musicians (his crew is 7sonic).
It isn’t easy for a soul singer in France. This type of music isn’t famous, there is a soul community in Paris and some people around but it’s pretty small and when a singer sings in french ( what i prefer, you are french, sing in french!) it’s harder, because they can’t sell out of France. Then, you have singer from France, trying hard to sing in english, i think it’s sad, french is a beautiful language…

He released his first album in 2006. He is working on a new project and is still performing a lot in Paris.
His lyrics talk about everything. For example this song “Parfois (j’me dis)”, talks about the joy to be a kid and have this innocence that you lost with the time and how he misses this time, with a sense of humor. Another song “Fume trop”, talks about the addiction to cigarette but with a lot of humor again. He is a good lyricist for a soul singer.

Parfois (J’me dis)

If you want to know and listen more :

This is “Emma” live 2007 @ Opus Café (Soul place in paris).

Live 2007 @ Club Med for a Soul event

Live 2008 @ Solidays (famous festival in France/Europe)


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