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Barack Obama: Reforming Washington

By September 23, 2008Music, Premiere

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  • jewelrit says:

    obama i realy vote for you anyway im a fan of you now you are new president good graduation on that my man you are second coming dr. martin luthur king jr. we dont never had a black president 44th president that we ever had and i watch you performed for debates last year you had beat hillary clintin and mccain you are lucky to keep that white house your new home you are famouse now and i love you man see you on a commercial and get debates channel what it about you can give me your number one day i can visit you and you meet george w bush you are my hero what it about you visit me and my mom you just living your dreams you can stop war in iraq and i see on tv everyday and i vote for because you know what you talking about and you know what you are doing you are a good president and my name jewelrit d stewart i got after my grandmother. you did a great job and you had work hard on your work you are a serious goverment you. we want obama. and you are going to be president of united states america forever you always be there for us thank you for finishing things right for doing things right.

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