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Ice T responds to Soulja Boy

By June 22, 2008Music


  • Damien -The Voice of Reason says:

    Who cares… just make what you wanna make and leave it at that. Everybody has their own audience. Just make music that’s reflective of the direction that you want to take the music.

  • luca says:

    this whole drama is wack… theirs always gonna b a rift of the music. we got Sunnis and Shiites of hiphop beefin right now. there’s no win. Soulja Boy is more right, but he cant b comin out with shit like superman kuz that shit was str8 garbage (c) DaveNY

  • suniM says:

    Ahhhhhh…the good ole rap world. It’s never a dull moment. Well, I’m bot tah kiss the hood goodnite & crank dat Sleepyman.

  • Freesway says:

    He’s really sounding bitter.

  • Pikahsso says:

    Ice please stop he’s to much of an OG to be playin himself behind a kid Soulja Boy is way to young for Ice to be on him like that makes him look jealous of a young dude…verb

  • king says:

    LOL, If the war dose break out who’s side will you be on LOL.

  • Minus says:

    I think they should combine their powers to become Soulja Ice or Ice Boy-T & do a world tour with the New & Old Generation Gap Drama Band.

  • Traestar says:

    I still siding Ice-T, he’s definitely right!

  • Nikki says:

    I think Ice-T is correct, when you know what the song really means I think it’s a disgrace to a woman. I sure don’t want a man feeling that way about my girls. Women love your body don’t let a man disgrace God’s temple.

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