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Documentary: Nicolay & Kay TIME:LINE in the Making 4/4

By February 10, 2008Music


  • brewlowlife says:

    buy the album on 2/12/08 you cheap downloading s**t for free muthaf***kas!!!

  • TACH says:

    Just picked up Time:Line in the US iTunes Store (only had the clean version available), it being transferred to the iPod as I type!

    I love what I’m hearing! It’s an Instant Classic!!

    I also read that a couple of tracks will be played on Subsoniq on XM Radio tonight… you cats need to do a ‘Nic and Kay Listening Show’ for Time:Line. Subsoniq is where I first heard about Kay Jackson and Nicolay many moons ago…

    I wish you guys great success with this album!

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