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Rappers I Know Podcast Volume VII: “FWMJ’s Birthday Week Podcast” Hosted by FWMJ

By February 9, 2008August 9th, 2008Music, Podcasts

This is my Birthday Podcast. It’s a few days late, but whatever. Lots of other good February/Aquarius babies in the coming weeks.

Here’s some of the music I grew up listening to, some of the stuff I liked when figuring out and establishing my taste in music, and a few things I like now. Hit up the comments and tell me what you think. And sorry about the quality in some spots, this is my first time using Garage Band.

Click more for the Tracklist.

1. Triste Howard Roberts (FWMJ Intro)
2. Hi, How Ya Doin’? Kenny G
3. Maureen Sade
4. Breakout Swing Out Sister
5. Sister Cheryl Wynton Marsalis
6. The Prelude Nobuo Uematsu (FWMJ’s Interlude)
7. Black Ego Digable Planets
8. Star Chasers 4 Hero
9. Desperation Rhetorik
10. Desperation Instrumental Jaz Infinite (FWMJ’s Interlude)
11. Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown) P.M. Dawn
12. I Still Live At Home Spymob (FWMJ’s Theme Song)
13. Pink Love Blonde Redhead
14. Do Yo Thang Jneiro Jarel
15. Get Dis Money Slum Village
16. In The Streets J Dilla (FWMJ’s Outro)
17. More Than 3cm Yoko Kanno/Israel Philharmonic Orchestra
18. Two Hearts Kenji Ito
19. Flying Dragon Yoko Kanno
20. Hidden Track!!!??!?!!


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