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Following up this summer’s “Faultline” (a duet with Ed Droste of Grizzly Bear, produced by Kingdom), DEDE returns today with the second single from her upcoming solo debut, Panoply.

“Golden Divine” features the L.A. singer’s signature icy-vocals and esoteric lyrics, over a slow-building, cinematic soundscape from her Tiny Hearts cohort, producer Tim K –all boiling up to a thick, dubby bassline that sends the song to another level when it comes in.

The song is found here alongside two bonus remixes –one handled by DJ NA of the Fade To Mind duo, NGUZUNGUZU & the other re-interpreted by Tim K himself, as heard in the 2016 James Franco movie, King Cobra. The maxi-single also provides the original track’s instrumental and acapella, as a nod to both DJ’s and remixers alike.

The “Golden Divine” maxi-single is out now everywhere today & DEDE’s debut album Panoply will be released November 14th on Fresh Selects.


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