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Yes Yes! Jax Yohana will be a name to remember when speaking on Houston Hip Hop. I’ve had the pleasure to meet Jax, and his grasp of mastering current stylings while honoring the technique of emceeing is amazing. His verses are similar to a set of riddims that complement the sound bed provided by the producer, 8 Mos. One thing to note on “Long Live Jax”, is that Jax’s vocals cut over the track since he doesn’t mumble, (thanks Jax) similar to a solo instrument.

And speaking on the production, 8 Mos provides a sound bed reminiscent of something you would hear Rick Ross on, combining trap elements seamlessly with live instrumentation.

We at Rappersiknow are definitely looking for more heat from this dynamic duo. We can only hope that more is on the way!

BTW: You have to also check out MDD/ 45th Nightmare by Jax, produced by DJ IV & Jax as well!


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