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I’m Officially Team #NightKing Now.

By August 20, 2017Music

This has nothing to do with rap.

This is about the most important thing in life right now, Game of Thrones. More specifically, it’s about the Triple OG of all Gs, and officially my favorite character on the show – The Night King. This is about how all of you got my dude messed up, treating him like he’s the villain of this series. It’s the exact opposite – he’s the hero that we need, and the one that we deserve.

Mainstream media wants you to believe that he’s the scourge of Westeros, whose only purpose is to lay waste to the good people of the 7 Kingdoms. Nope. Stop me when you’ve heard this before – he’s been here for thousands of years and is only looking to reclaim the land that was unrighteously taken from his people.

But beyond that, The Night King is my dude because he’s obviously a Black man. Oh, what’s that, you say? His origin story clearly shows a white guy being turned into the OG white walker? Well, it’s not the first time that history has been rewritten. But the clues are right in your face. Allow me to elaborate:


1. He’s over your shit.

Look at this face. Hyper as a heart attack, nobody’s smiling. My man is all about his business. At all times. The people kept him on the sidelines for a hot minute, and he decided that enough is enough. Not here for the fuck shit.

2. The entourage rolls deep.

You’re not poppin’ unless the squad runs deep. Everybody eatin’.

3. Keep your day ones on the hip.

Real moguls keep shooters in the rolodex. He takes care of the ones that were shooting with him in the gym. He knows that if he wants o be part of a dynasty, he has to roll with the crew that already went 73-9. He blew a 3-1 lead with Jon Snow the first time around, but he’s got Steph and ’em on payroll now.


4.  Walked on ice and never fell.

Watch how he walks with the fresh kicks, taking special care not to crease them. Even if he bought 2 pairs: 1 to rock, 1 to flip.


5. Handy with the tool

When the streets won’t let you chill, gotta let your piece do the talking. And my man here is an expert… {gulp}… {sigh}…. {ancestors forgive me}… spear chucker.


6. Lets his goon handle the weight

When you’re not a businessman but a business, man – you can’t risk getting caught with your hands dirty. That’s why the Night King has his capo hold the spear until it’s time for action. If the PD rolls up, the spearman has to take the fall. Code of the streets and whatnot.

7. Taunt game is immaculate

Who else is gonna hit you with the “n**** what” pose after he’s already clapped you down? That’s right…


8. And finally – he can pimp out anything he touches.

Your boy crashed a perfectly good dragon, and immediately flipped it. We are a magical people.


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