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From Houston With Love” delivers a unique perspective on the arts and culture – and places a spotlight on great things happening around the city of Houston. Each episode also features a playlist of Rappers I Know and RIK – adjacent music. Enjoy!

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Featured Music

  • John O – “Tonight” (Featuring Priest Forever, Kashmere Don, Brew, Damien)(Produced by Stro Elliot)
  • Geechi Suede – “Limozini”
  • King Mason x Kendrick Lamar – “Feel (Remixed)”
  • Jett I Masstyr x Prodigy – “Keep It Thoro (Remixed)”
  • The Legendary KO – “Gots Ta Love It” (Produced by Symbolyc 1)
  • Chip Fu – “Chiptro”
  • Kenn Starr – “U Will”
  • Verbal Seed – “Take Advantage” (Featuring Thesis)
  • Sy Smith – “Aquarius Rising”
  • J*Davey – “No More” (Donwill Piracy Remix)
  • Kashmere Don – “What U Want” (Featuring Damien, Donwill)
  • The Legendary KO – “Everything Happens For A Reason” (Featuring Kashmere Don)

Kashmere Don


D. Rose aka Kashmere Don is a writer, actor, artist, professional thinker, and creative/mastermind. Coming from humble beginnings, he hails from Kashmere Gardens in the northeast district of Houston.

Damien Randle


D. Randle – Damien Randle is a Houston-based videographer, hip hop artist, and a man of many talents. He was born and raised, and now currently resides, in Sunnyside.

D'Raye Thomas


D’Raye – D’Raye Thomas, artist, promoter, relationship guide who has introduced couples through his Love Jones forums for 7 years, funny dude with no filter. Tied from Kashmere Gardens to the burbs of North Shore.


Founding member of K-OTIX / The Legendary KO. Unheralded jack of all trades. Spends most of his time these days creating moving pictures and writing some of the best material he's ever written. Likes dogs. Cats - meh.

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