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FWMJ’s Rappers I Know proudly presents
DAMN. (King Mason Remixes).

Remixed by King Mason

I’ve always been a fan of Kendrick Lamar. He seems like a youngin’ that gets it. Just to give a little breakdown on this project, King Mason and I were just wrapping up a Sam Trump project and working on a movie score. Sam is currently on tour with Sidewalk Chalk, and we had a little time to mess around with some music. As far as the new album from Kendrick, we both were hoping that he would expand on the sound from To Pimp a Butterfly. To begin, he had top flight musicians and vocalists on this project, and he proved that you didn’t have to create a “Trap Album” to have critical acclaim as well as commercial success in a modern-day release. However, when we heard the minimalist approach for the DAMN. project, it caught us off-guard.

In the case of King Mason, I met him through Kashmere Don while I was working on the Mvula Project with Luke. I wanted to work with a local bass player and I heard he was the guy. I saw where he was listed in the credits as a session musician for The Hue, but when I went to visit him at his spot, I got to hear his personal work and it was great. He wanted the opportunity to be recognized as a producer and not just a session musician, so we decided to collaborate on The Ashby Project and we feel we created a great project. One great thing that King Mason loves to do is add his touch on completed works, so we thought adding his touches on the Kendrick Project would be fun.

This is truly a King Mason project! I had my opinions on a couple things, but I really want folks to understand how extremely talented that he is. On top of that, he is a great guy. I hope you enjoy King Mason’s take on these songs and be looking out for more Kay & King Mason in the near future!


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