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Auckland, New Zealand fam David Dallas dropped his new album Hood Country Club last Friday.

Aside from curating 64 Bars for Red Bull Music, it’s been a minute since we heard with Falling Into Place and Buffalo Man and The Rose Tint, and off the first few listens it’s been worth the wait. Witty af with a little world weariness, D Dot handles most of the heavy lifting lyrically, with an appearance by frequent collaborator PNC, as well as Laurent John, Lukan Raisey, Kidseb, and Trey Bond.

Fave tracks: “R U” featuring Lukan Raisey, Kidseb, & Trey Bond, “Get Off” featuring PNC, “Hood Country Club”, “Fit In”, “Don’t Rate That”.

Sitting on Pitchfork tryna figure out
What's good, what's hot
Showing off to your friends like you're top notch
Last year man you were into pop rock
Saying that Drake is a soft-cock
Now you at his show with a top-knot

And it really gets messed up
When they just buy things they've seen 'Ye copping
You don't birth trends
You're not popping
Brad and Angie, mostly adopting
I've put that phase in a coffin
Being on my own buzz ain't no problem
Dave don't login
Fuck your timeline
Got better things to do with my time
Get paid, write rhymes
Catch Federer games from the sidelines
Go fine dine with the wife, sipping on white wine
Play Xbox Live in the nighttime
Nobody gonna dim my shine

Wish that I could aim at these finance companies in the hood
Posing like they doing something good
Fuck outta here
Always putting more brown people on the ads
Knowing damn well they tryna trick us out of cash
Sports stars front the campaigns, ain't it sad
Really selling out, do they understand?
We don't rate that shit


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