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What’s up good people? Let me start with this… What can I say about Gabriel Garzon-Montano? His new album Jardin is a gumbo filled with tasty musical  elements.  Whether it is a Dilla-type sound (Sour Mango), D’Angelo Voodoo-type styling (Long Ears) or a classic soul feel (Crawl) a-la Raphael Saadiq, Montano hits all the marks. At 10 songs deep and clocking in at just under 39 minutes, The Brooklyn Native has turned in an a project with practically no filler. You can put this album on repeat and get lost into the world of Jardin.

This album definitely gets the Sloboogie Seal of approval, so please support Gabriel Garzon-Montano and purchase his Jardin project from the good folks at Stones Throw.

Favorite Tracks: Sour Mango, Fruit flies, The Game and Crawl


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