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Hey Rappers I Know family, it’s your boy Fresh.

Some of y’all actually know me, (whattup!) & some of y’all don’t.

For those that don’t, lemme bring y’all up to speed right quick.

Frank extended an invite for me to blog here and put y’all up on the gems of music things I come across and I couldn’t be happier, really. There’s a bunch of shit I feel doesn’t get the spotlight and it’s usually super dope. Soooo…expect me to pop in and give y’all the flavor.

Also, as this is “Rappers I Know” & I know a plethora of Rappers, I’ll be giving you guys exclusives from some of your fave heads as well as letting loose some joints out the vault that haven’t ever seen the light of day.

So before I let the cannons rip, I wanted to say whattup and let y’all know I’ll be up on here.
Feel free to shout me out @freshdotdaily

As always,

#veryrelaxed & #neverpressed

-Fresh Daily


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