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Remember the good ol’ days of maxi-singles when you’d occasionally get an “unavailable on LP” b-side from your favorite artist? This is kind of like that. Due to a scheduling conflict, King Mason and D Randle came up with a quick little something more or less on the spot. This has never been recorded or performed anywhere else, and probably never will.

“Work In Progress”

Produced by D Randle

Keys, Synths, and live Bass by King Mason

Written by D Randle


Spent most of the last week laying low
Came up with this here about a day ago
Usually keep my thoughts in close quarters
Didn’t want to risk you listening post mortem

Please don’t mistake me as remorseful
Long hot summer is getting moreso
Usual campaign of hate and terror
But I seem to recall it being this way forever

Under siege, under constant threat
Accompanied by imagery we won’t forget
Even though what I see can hurt my eyes, I
Fear no man walking the earth like I

Every hood is on the verge of crisis
Got the nerve to think we’re worried bout ISIS
War going on outside, no survivors
We don’t die, we multiply, they divide us

We resort to hashtag battles
Trivial discourse over what lives matter
Lot more alike than we are different
Outpouring of spite cause we aren’t listening

Fear can make you retaliate or leave you paralyzed
So I shut off the media and analyzed
Started reading then I realized
Willie Lynch applies to both sides

The truth, this is fact not fiction
And with that I refuse to be a victim
Not an excuse, just reality
Roll with a code that molded my mentailty

Not all but some discriminate
In a system that wasn’t meant to accommodate
Even if they see me as 3/5ths
I’m still gonna eat and they can eat this

They tell me not to play the card
But look how they’re dealt, the deck is stacked hard
I like how the victim is faulted
Assaulter explains how not to get assaulted

Accuse me of using the race card
Assuming i’m igniting the fuse to race war
Couldn’t be further from the truth
You’d know it if you walked a bit further in my shoes

Otherwise you wouldn’t know what from what
I know the solution’s not blood for blood
Imagine if everybody marching was also
Active in changing the game from the ground up

Believe it, it’s not unsurmountable
Gotta hold the right heads accountable
Shake it up from the bottom to the top
If not, it’s gonna repeat, nobody’s gonna stop


Founding member of K-OTIX / The Legendary KO. Unheralded jack of all trades. Spends most of his time these days creating moving pictures and writing some of the best material he's ever written. Likes dogs. Cats - meh.

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