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THEM- We Buy Guns - cover

Fresh off a successful 2015 with the release of their ‘NONPAREIL’ LP, T.H.E.M. is back with a new single ‘We Buy Guns’. T.H.E.M. answers the call over Jett I‘s rock sampling production, discussing the social, racial, and political implications of the ‘open carry’ gun law in Texas.

Available on iTunes/Amazon/Google Play/Spotify/Tidal now!

Stream below:

Also peep the first episode of their new podcast series: 
T.H.E.M. – Virtual Reality Caravan Podcast [episode I] –
– Open Carry Laws in Texas / Aftermath
– Houston Texans QB Situation
– Debut of New Single THEM- ‘WE BUY GUNS’
– What’s In Our Deck?/ 2016 Music Review

Co-owner of the Space City Beat Battle, 1/3 of Council Music Group, founding member of T.H.E.M., and the living inspiration behind hasHBrown aka Jett I. Masstyr. Let's talk marvel, or sports, or not at all.

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