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This beat tape consists of the remains of a project that was originally supposed to be released back in April 2013 but was ultimately scrapped due to several unfortunate incidents (i.e. The Boston Marathon Bombing which happened down the street from me). The original concept revolved around me incorporating 5 different genres of 80’s music that stood out to me during that particular time period, British Synth Pop, Freestyle (Latin Hip Hop), The Minneapolis Sound, New Jack Swing & Vocal House.

The original plan was for me to handpick producers who answered my call after pitching this quite ambitious idea on Twitter then based on each individual producer’s back catalogs, assigning them all the perfect source material to flip. The process was not only slow going but most of the producers were either not feeling the particular sample sources I specifically picked for them for whatever reason or they were simply too busy to flip/chop/make the beat in an adequate amount of time. The original hope was to have 5 beats from 5 genres of 80’s music (25 beats total) from 10-15 producers then drop the 80’s Beat Tape in April or May. By late March 2013 only 10 beats total were submitted. They were put into a folder on my desktop, I ultimately just scrapped the project & I chalked it up to another learning experience.

As the 5th anniversary of Producers I Know approached, I decided to give the beats in this folder another listen. It then hit me that I needed to finally drop these gems sent to me by AbJo, DaiN, Dayggs, Dertbeats, Duke Westlake, G-Force, Ill Clinton, M-Slago, Maticulous & Trifeckta. So, here it is… The 80’s Beat Tape! Happy 5th anniversary, Producers I Know!


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