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You can call him Pugtunes but I know him as ‘GP’. I’ve known him pretty much his whole life. For the majority of that life he’s been a beat-making, rapper recording, and talented musician/engineer. I want to say this is his first time ever releasing a beat tape to the masses.

Funny thing is he called me recently and told me he was about to drop something. He had been inviting me to stop by the studio and check it out but like a “great” friend, I had been pretty busy with my own endeavors.

Tonight I finally had some time to check out soundcloud and the first thing I see is PugtunesGuide To The Galaxy. From the first joint that played I was pretty floored. One, the title–I love the book, the movie was a’ight…two, the movie quotes are timely…three, the scratches of lines work perfectly every time (courtesy of Donnie Houston)…and four, the beats KNOCK. When you hear it in its entirety, you might think DJ Screw, Outkast, Tribe, UGK, and Dilla at the same time. Not comparing but those inspirations can be heard and appreciated on ‘Guide to the Galaxy’. Pug has his own method of attack throughout the tape, mix that with some live instrumentation from…man, just press play already.


Co-owner of the Space City Beat Battle, 1/3 of Council Music Group, founding member of T.H.E.M., and the living inspiration behind hasHBrown aka Jett I. Masstyr. Let's talk marvel, or sports, or not at all.

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