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Singer, songwriter, harpist, pianist & producer, Low Leaf, officially adds “music video director” to her resumé with the impressive new clip for “Set Me Free” from her latest album, AKASHAALAY.

Staying true to her Creator DIY mantra, Low Leaf took it upon herself to direct and edit the video, which she shot in her own bedroom and around her neighborhood, giving an intimate look into her creative process & the surroundings in which the song was created in.

Funded by the support of its initial cassette & digital-only release back in April, the groundbreaking AKASHAALAY album is now available on its rightful format as a beautiful vinyl LP with a new remaster and a special attention to detail on all of the packaging & design (including a spot UV gloss cover, handwritten lyrics, full-color sleeves, hidden messages, and more) – courtesy of the Fresh Selects label.

You can watch the video above and get the record here.


Kenny most likely wrote this post while daydreaming of ice cream.

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