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Laura Mvula Chopped. a new instrumental project from Kay & Luke of The Foundation will be available for Stream on Soundcloud and Download via Bandcamp on Tuesday, December 9th, 2014.

1. Make Me Ugly
2. Make It Dew What It dew
3. The World Is On My Shoulders
4. The Moon Sings To Me
5. Everybody’s Here
6. Flying Without a Plane
7. She Goes Hard In The Paint
8. Shoot and Don’t Miss
9. What Day Is It?
10. Lost in the Garden
11. Mvula Wit Da Ice
12. We Alright

After a spell of reclusiveness, Kay and Luke reemerge to showcase their production chops with a project dedicated to and inspired by prolific vocalist Laura Mvula. Kay on samples, chops, sequencing and drum programming and Luke on keys and synthesizers, the project is brought together using !llmind’s Blap Kits!

Also featured on the project are Nicole Hurst (The Foundation, The Clipse), Marium Echo, Toby Hill, Shawn Taylor and Tanika Keys lending their vocals, with King Mason (Bass, Harp, Strings), David Gallego (Guitar), DJ Akshun Kid (Cuts & Scratches) rounding out the sound with extra instrumentation.

We know, December is a few weeks away, but don’t fret the first single “The Moon Sings To Me” will be available for download and stream tomorrow morning.

Blap Kits! Roseville Music Group


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