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The Hue A.D. presented the first glimpse into what would eventually become a full-fledged collaboration between H.I.S.D. and Radio Galaxy.

If i’m recalling correctly, it began with “Adidas AD”, which may have had its genesis is the latter stages of recording The Weakend. The original plan was to create a single to fill the eventual lull between full-length projects. After a little more fiddling around, “Cranberry AD” and “Rockit Man” came about when Midas was fiddling with the original sessions for “Cranberry” and “Space City Express”, respectively. Which led to “Hey, we should try to flip some new verses over these.” Which led to me saying, “I reeeeeeeeally wanted to get on ‘Space City Express’. I’m getting on whatever this remix is.” And I wrote a verse, completely disregarding whether or not I was actually invited on the track. Fortunately, it was acceptable by their standards.

I want to say that “Juices N Barrys” came after that. They reached out to Von Pea of Tanya Morgan to script a verse, and he delivered as always. I cobbled together a video for them without really telling them that I was shooting one. (Deception can be a virtue?)

Not too long after that, we tackled a video for “Rockit Man”, which went on to win the Houston Press Video Of The Year. #humblebrag



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